The Interest of Love season 1, episode 2 recap – who is Park Mi-gyeong and does she like Sang-su?

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 22, 2022 (Last updated: January 25, 2024)
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Episode 2 further complicates the love lives of the two main leads, giving another shocking and audacious ending.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series The Interest of Love season 1, episode 2, which contains spoilers.

After being rejected by Ahn Su-yeong (Moon Ga-young), we experience a love-sick Ha Sang-su (Yoo Yeon-seokin episode 2 of The Interest of Love. If you’ve ever been love-sick, you’ll know it’s an awful, anxiety-induced experience. After all, Sang-su felt like he had a bubbling romance with Su-yeong, but after one misstep over a date, it all falls apart. Let’s recap episode 2.

The Interest of Love season 1, episode 2 recap – who is Park Mi-gyeong, and does she like Sang-su?

Episode 2 opens with Ahn Su-yeong narrating how she felt when she moved to Seoul and how being lost helped her. Scenes show her renting a worn-out apartment that needs work, but she’s eager to take it. She narrates how she was worn out herself; she believes she can achieve anything as long as she tries hard enough. And she did, working multiple jobs in order to live, but then she saw job openings at the bank.

She narrates how she was treated differently due to differences in backgrounds. Like episode 1, the point of discrimination is raised strongly.

Episode 2 then moves to the moment when Su-yeong attended her date, but Sang-su, due to work problems she was unaware of, did not show up. However, in a twist, she sees Sang-su running to the restaurant through the window, and she seems excited. However, something changes her mind, and she decided to leave.

And then, episode 2 flits to the moment Su-yeong tells Sang-su that she and Jeong Jong-hyun are dating. Sang-su is understandably hurt and confused.; he apologizes sincerely for not making it to the date. However, she questions his apology. There’s something that the Korean Drama is not showing the audience from that night.

Following this, Sang-su gets drunk (again) and vents about his situation with Su-yeong. He is stuck on the fact that she told him she is dating Jong-hyun. At work, he struggles to stay present. He asks his colleague about Jeong Jong-hyun, curious about who the man is. He ends up crossing paths with Jeong Jong-hyun, which is awkward for him and spurs on small talk.

The bank has a restless customer who is refusing to leave and will not get up from the floor. The branch manager is not in, so the workers are unsure what to do. Su-yeong tries to help the man, but he does not want to get up until he gets his money back. Flashbacks show Su-yeong helping Sang-su with an unhappy customer; she’s good with people.

Why does Su-yeong go on a double date?

Colleagues continue to press Su-yeong about her romantic life after she’s asked to join on a double-blind date. She assures her colleagues that she does not have a partner, which leaves her no choice but to attend the blind date. Sang-su tentatively listens to the conversation. 

We are treated to a flashback. Sang-su had an upbringing in a poor family and was looked down upon by wealthy peers. In the present day, he manages to sell some bank services to wealthy acquaintances. He seems rather pleased he’s managed to sell. The next day, his manager congratulates him in front of his colleagues for his great work.

Who is Park Mi-gyeong, and does she like Sang-su?

But his achievement is shortlived, as murmurs of a new assistant manager are circulating. His colleagues call the new assistant manager a “Goddess.” She is called Park Mi-gyeong, and she is played by Keum Sae-rok (Joseon Exorcist, Youth of May). When she arrives, excitement grows. Mi-gyeong gets accustomed to the workplace quickly, catching up with two female colleagues to understand who she will be working with.

Sang-su is partnered with Mi-gyeong on a project. For 2 days a week, they will be at the Center. This means Mi-gyeong will need to cover those two days. Su-yeong is chosen as the backup.

And then it’s revealed that Sang-su and Mi-gyeong know each other from school; they agree to go for dinner together to catch up. There appears to be tension between Mi-gyeong and Su-yeong.

When Sang-su and Mi-gyeong go out for dinner, Mi-gyeong immediately asks Sang-su if he likes Su-yeong, and she teases him. But then she talks about her career, and how it’s difficult to rest. After dinner, Su-yeong sees them walking down the street together, and she seems fazed by it. Immediately, audiences will ask why she pushed Sang-su away in the first place. When Sang-su makes it home, he receives a message from Mi-gyeong telling him she had a good evening.

However, Sang-su is still caught up on Su-yeong.

Ending Explained

During lunch, a colleague believes Sang-su and Mi-gyeong are dating, but they deny it. Su-yeong smiles slightly and then walks away, leaving Sang-su even more confused. Sang-su finds Su-yeong and asks if she is going on a blind date (because she’s meant to be with Jeong Jong-hyun). She tells him it’s none of his business and wishes him luck with Park Mi-gyeong.

Later that day, Sang-su is asked how serious he is about Su-yeong (and whether he would marry her). He’s told to forget about her.

As the episode ends, Su-yeong enjoys her blind date — they both remark on how they arrived early. Meanwhile, Mi-gyeong sends Sang-su work to do for their project. But he cannot stop thinking about Su-yeong.

The man Su-yeong goes on a date with asks her about her college major, and she awkwardly states she only went to high school. She clearly feels like she is being judged by the man.

Sang-su visits Su-yeong’s apartment and messages her, saying he’s outside. On the way home, Su-yeong sees a text message, and she’s surprised. She asks the taxi driver to speed up. However, when she gets home, she quickly runs past Sang-su and into the arms of Jong-hyun. Su-yeong looks heartbroken.

Episode 2 further complicates the love lives of the two main leads, giving another shocking and audacious ending.

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