The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 3 Recap – what is in the sunken tomb?

January 20, 2023 (Last updated: Yesterday)
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A much-improved offering, the show finally delivers on the action and the tension in “The Sunken Tomb.” There’s a fun fight sequence and plenty of humorous exchanges to reignite fans’ excitement in this animated series once again.

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A much-improved offering, the show finally delivers on the action and the tension in “The Sunken Tomb.” There’s a fun fight sequence and plenty of humorous exchanges to reignite fans’ excitement in this animated series once again.

We recap the Prime Video series The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 3, “The Sunken Tomb,” which contains spoilers.

After meeting with the Patron of the Slayer’s Take, aka the sphinx Osysa (voiced by Alanna Ubach), the Vox Machina have been given vital instructions on how to defeat the dragons. They must collect fallen vestiges (magical, ancient artifacts) that should help them destroy the beasts once and for all. The first vestige is located in a tomb by a lake, but the team soon discover that it won’t be the easiest of items to find. The Vox Machina disembark on another adventure, one that is plagued by new dangers and deadly foes.

The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2  Episode 3 Recap

“The Sunken Tomb” opens with a vision as Pike inspects the remnants of Emon. Within the ruined remains of the city, citizens gather what they can for their new dragon overlords. Thordak complains about their lackluster offerings. Then the other dragons gather with the leader for a meeting. All of the city’s treasures have been collected. Now they are to commence expanding their empire and plan on dominating other regions, too, with the aim of ruling the entire realm in the end. Pike wakes from this vision as Thordak murders the surviving citizens in a brutal manner.

Pike informs the rest of the gang of this dire news. Keyleth reminisces about the old Emon, the first place that accepted them, where she felt most at home. Vex tries to inspire the others, bringing the topic of conversation back to the vestiges. Conveniently, Vax has found the lake, but can’t see anything resembling a tomb or temple in the vicinity. The group walks to the lake together and find it has frozen over. Scanlan explores, with his usual sarcastic, cheeky flair. He accidentally cracks the ice though and is dragged underneath by a sea creature. The Vox Machina rush to his aid but are flummoxed by the ice, which quickly scuppers their rescue mission. Then it is left to Zahra and Kashaw, who save the day.

The Slayer’s Take hunters have been following the Vox Machina for quite some time and want to help in finding the tomb. Obviously, these mercenaries have ulterior motives of their own, but they show willing and divulge the tomb’s many secrets. Round a campfire, a clear rivalry forms, and Vex tries some one-upmanship, bragging about their latest collection of weapons and potions, the ones they stole from Gilmores. Scanlan’s broom makes an appearance but does nothing magical. It’s obvious this is going to be a powerful tool used further down the line, but for now, it is useless. And then Grog wears a magical belt that gives him a magical beard – how useful!

Keyleth and Zahra combine powers to separate the lake’s waters, revealing the tomb at the bottom of the lake. The team quickly run into the tomb before their powers diminish. Inside, the gang looks out for hidden traps and assailants, of course, Grog sets many of these traps off in a comical way. A door then separates the teams into two. Twins Vex and Vax are then separated, this metaphor is used as a method of exploring their relationship further. Extra flashbacks hammer this point home. In these memories, the twins ran away from home after their father called them a mistake. Left to fend for themselves, the twins fell out and parted ways in the woods.

Back in the present, the first team are attacked by the fish people. This allows for some decent action as the Vox Machina gang defend themselves admirably. Even Trinket gets in on the action in this fun, little fight sequence. A mage then attacks, controlling the water around them. They struggle to defeat this surprisingly impressive wizard, but Vex manages to kill the mage with an arrow to the head. Both teams are then reunited and Vax instantly frustrates his sister, mollycoddling her and asking if she is alright. Pike asks Grog the same question, after spotting him turn rather evil with his dark sword in hand. Grog is completely unaware of the Craven Edge sword’s stranglehold over him.

Ending Explained

Zahra and Kashaw use the fight as a decoy and ditch the others. They make it to the tomb alone, but find six sarcophagi in the grand room. Kashaw demonstrates his own powers and pinpoints the right sarcophagus, which they then swiftly enter. The Vox Machina arrive moments later. Vax descends a shaft and finds a hidden room, emptied of its loot. Trinket sniffs out a dislodged plate on the floor and Percy nonchalantly puts it back into place. This triggers something and the earth begins to shake around them. A new tomb is then revealed.

A further flashback shows Vex and Vax being reunited after parting ways in the forest. This memory causes Vex to grow cautious of the tomb. Is it a premonition or just a strange sense that she has? Percy doesn’t listen to her warning and opens the tomb anyway. This releases a strange power that hits Vex with an almighty wallop. Trinket roars and Vax rushes to her side, but Vex appears to have been killed by this hidden power. Vax cries in the present and in the interconnected flashback too. He says how he is lost without his sister, and how much he truly needs her. Well, is he about to find out what life without her would really feel like, or will Vex be healed and brought back to life?

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