Will there be a Shahmaran Season 2?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: January 21, 2023 (Last updated: April 24, 2023)
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Will there be a Shahmaran Season 2?

This article discusses the possibility of Shahmaran Season 2 and its renewed or canceled status. It contains some spoilers for the first season.

Netflix has a good — and increasing — selection of original Turkish content, and the region is becoming one to watch if you’re in the market for thought-provoking original drama. Their latest is Shahmaran, a genre-splicing mythological romance. Here’s a brief plot synopsis from our review:

Our protagonist here is Sahsu (Serenay Sarikaya), a PhD candidate from Istanbul who heads out to Adana to give a give a guest lecture at a university but makes time to give a different kind of lecture to her estranged grandfather, Davut (Mustafa Ugurlu), who abandoned her now-dead mother decades prior. But this is the least of Sahsu’s problems. Her grandfather’s neighbour, Maran (Burak Deniz), and indeed his entire family, are deeply involved in a mystical prophecy that they believe Sahsu is integral to, and once omens and such begin occurring, it turns out they’re probably right.

Since the show’s ending isn’t exactly conclusive, many are wondering about its potential future on the streaming platform. Here’s everything we know.

Will there be a Shahmaran Season 2? 

Renewed or canceled status: TBC

At the moment there is no official confirmation from Netflix that Shahmaran will return for a second season.

Netflix likes to wait and gauge internal data, especially for original, somewhat risky new shows without any recognizable IP. It matters how many people watch, how many of them watch through until the end, and how long the show retains public interest. This can also be measured in other ways through external metrics such as social media push and critical reception. At the moment, Shahmaran doesn’t have enough ratings on Rotten Tomatoes from verified critics to even have a score, but the audience score is currently sitting at a very impressive 100%, which has to mean something.

Despite no official word of a second season, the show’s male lead, Burak Deniz, has strongly implied that there are not only plans for a second season but that production is likely to commence in the summer of this year. You can probably expect Netflix to not be far behind with their official announcement.

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