Trolley Season 1 Episode 11 Recap

By Nathan Sartain
Published: January 30, 2023 (Last updated: February 7, 2023)
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A highly exciting offering which affords a major twist.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Trolley Season 1 Episode 11, which contains spoilers.

Coming back from its lunar new year break firing, Trolley Episode 11 brings with it plenty of drama, massive revelations, and a potentially huge twist. With the political intrigue now massively linked in with everyone’s personal lives, this drama is maintaining a palpable level of excitement as we get towards the final few installments.

Trolley Season 1 Episode 11 Recap

The day following Hye-joo’s nightmare of being swarmed by reporters, she goes about her usual routine. However, things are different for the book conservator, as for the first time in her life she’s spoken to, and comforted about, her tragic history in Youngsan. That, and Hye-joo soon works out her husband had already begun to act with an assumption she’d sign off on her backstory becoming public knowledge.

When quizzing her husband about the situation, Hye-joo gets it confirmed that Joong-do had already decided to disclose what happened in Youngsan prior to obtaining her consent. “Even if you’re innocent, you’ll still be dragged through the mud,” the assemblyman states, explaining why he thought it best to get a “head start” on Seung-hee. Upset, Hye-joo finds herself unable to muster up much of a response, even when her husband offers his apologies, in addition to reassurances that he wouldn’t have continued with his plan should she have forbid him to.

Next, Soon-hong calls Yoo-sin, stressing the need for her to “lay low” due to Joong-do’s knowledge of Mr. Park. But that’s far from the most important part of this conversation because the frustrated politician ends up abruptly dropping the news that his adversary’s wife is the person accountable for Seung-ho’s death, stunning the real estate mogul. Meanwhile, Hye-joo sends some pictures of Ji-hoon over to his uncle, though keeps one of Soo-bin for herself.

Ki-young’s woes increase

Once Ki-young meets with Hye-joo, he apologizes for his previous behavior, saying he was “acting emotionally” out of sympathy for his wife. Additionally, he explains that he has decided to hand over evidence of Yoo-sin’s illegal land speculation for the sake of Seung-hee, so she “can see her mother for who she truly is.” “I want Seung-hee to break free from her mother’s grip and find happiness,” Ki-young adds, knowing his actions may hurt her in the short term, but bring benefits in the long run. In response, Hye-joo tells Ki-young everything will “work out.”

Concurrently, Woo-jae becomes aware of some worries aides have about whether the secret of their informant can be kept from Seung-hee.

While Hye-joo and Ki-young reminisce outside, Yoo-sin surprisingly appears, overhearing that her son-in-law is responsible for her land speculation being exposed. Irate, Seung-hee’s mother strikes the woman she knows as Jae-eun, and berates her in-law for his “stab in the back.” Then, Yoo-sin goes one step further, aggressively asking Ki-young if he was “excited to screw me over with the girl who killed my son.” Proclaiming the two won’t escape consequences, the real estate mogul departs.

As Ki-young chases after his mother-in-law, who is asking Seung-hee to get a divorce, we see, in the heat of the moment, Yoo-sin has actually crashed her car. Elsewhere, Soo-bin retrieves her phone and tries to make up a story about only staying at Ji-hoon’s house for the sake of exploiting his family, hoping to get away from her shady acquaintance’s constant questioning about what she’s been up to, and her closeness with the deceased. Nevertheless, Soo-bin does become upset when hearing about Hye-joo apparently only caring for her “out of pity, to improve her husband’s image.”

Joong-do’s work, Soo-bin’s strife

In a panic, Hye-joo phones Joong-do, blurting out the fact Yoo-sin knows her identity and is aware that Ki-young meets with him. The assemblyman is upset here, offering his sympathy towards his wife, while Woo-jae takes a more opportunistic stance. “Not a problem,” he bluntly says about Yoo-sin’s newfound knowledge, suggesting their plan is sped up.

After reluctantly drinking with her shady acquaintance, Soo-bin strangely suggests the two “break up.” Following that, she runs away from the club, leaving her apparent former partner, who makes inquiries with Ye-eun regarding something (unknown to us) that needs looking into, behind. Concurrently, Yeo-jin hides the fact she attends a psychiatric clinic from Ji-soo, prior to making a phone call to ask if her restaurant sale can be expedited.

In a heated National Assembly committee meeting, no progress is made on Joong-do’s proposed real estate bill. Instead, both sides of the political arena take shots at each other, with things heating up to the point Soon-hong is required to make an apology for his “pub language.” Elsewhere, Soo-bin gets her debit card reissued, and slowly pieces together what her shady acquaintance has been up to.

Ki-young changes his mind

At the hospital, a panicked Seung-hee arrives to discover her mother will be fine and hasn’t sustained major injuries. “If something happens to her as well, I won’t be able to go on,” Yoo-sin’s daughter states, breaking down in tears in front of a comforting Ki-young. Meanwhile, Soon-hong curiously asks Hyeong-tae to find information on the new bill amendment Joong-do plans to make, evidently intrigued by the assemblyman’s claims of having a plan.

As Ki-young tells Joong-do he won’t be “handing over evidence” anymore due to his mother-in-law’s car crash, Woo-jae sees opportunity again. So, he calls a reporter friend, wanting them to use their police contacts to find out Yoo-sin’s hospital location.

Hye-joo on TV?

Backed into a corner, Joong-do asks his wife to make a TV appearance to explain what occurred back in Youngsan with Seung-ho. But Hye-joo is more than hesitant, detailing how she is “too scared of what might happen after the incident comes to light,” unwilling to make a public appearance to display “sincerity” like her husband is suggesting. Unfortunately, though, it seems Joong-do, similar to before, has already decided on this course of action regardless.

When made to explain her past to Yoon-seo, Hye-joo is encouraged to appear on TV. Not only so she can clarify the truth of her history, but so Joong-do can pass his proposed bill amendment, and other survivors of similar ordeals can be helped. “It’s inevitable for the greater good,” Yoon-seo says, emotionally attempting to persuade her mother with full support.

While Soo-bin looks around for both a job and a place to stay, solemn at the thought of Hye-joo not caring about her, Woo-jae pays Ki-young a visit. Here, the former journalist makes smug threats of exposing his “arrangement” with Joong-do directly to Seung-hee, before he leaves with the low-key instruction for the driving range owner to call him.

As an upset Soo-bin threatens to kill a man who groped her, Hye-joo asks Joong-do to allow her room to think about her prospective TV appearance. That, and the book conservator expresses she’ll “try to believe” her husband hasn’t already planned this all out.

After watching Soo-bin trash her belongings, and delete pictures of her old life, we move forward. This particular day sees Joong-do face some pressure on a radio interview, as he is made to apologize on-air for the “controversies” his family has caused, and looks stressed at Jin-seok’s declaration of a “zero-tolerance policy for lying and hypocrisy” within the Daehan Party.

Trolley Season 1 Episode 11 Ending Explained

At Ji-hoon’s memorial, Hye-joo receives a call from her husband, who tells her that their son “committed sexual assault.” The assemblyman tells his wife he’ll be holding a press conference regarding the matter, and the episode ends with Soo-bin exiting a police station after seemingly reporting the crime in question.

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