Freeridge season 1 Ending Explained — is Marisol dead?

By Marc Miller
Published: February 2, 2023 (Last updated: February 20, 2023)
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The character of Gloria is one of the most toxic on television because the writers are simply unaware of it.

We recap the Netflix series Freeridge Season 1 Episode 8, “Thanksgiving,” which contains spoilers and explains the ending.

I’m not sure I’ve ever watched a comedy as awful with its mean-spiritedness as Freeridge. The character of Gloria (Abbott Elementary’s Keyla Mejia) is one of the most toxic on television because the writers are simply unaware of it. A case in point, this character tells her sister so jaw-dropping and eye-openly cruel it’s added for pure shock value. What could be that bad? Well, telling your sister their mother died of cancer because she was pregnant with you is something you just cannot come back from.

Freeridge Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

When we last saw Ines, she discovered a shocking secret in the last episode that had to do with her sister Gloria and her new boyfriend, Rusty. Their Uncle Tio put out an ad on what looks like Craiglist to hire someone to pretend to be his niece’s boyfriend. (No other explanation is given on why he did this, which makes it strange and allows you to ponder if he did it just to be cruel). That man was our beloved Rusty, who has been a breath of fresh air in the group. He has been Gloria’s boyfriend for the past couple of episodes. Originally, Ines had a crush on him, but Rusty turned him down. Tio deletes the post before Ines can show her.

Now, Gloria is on cloud nine. She is excited about having Thanksgiving at Mariluna’s house because no one likes their holiday plans. Shortly after, Demi and Cameron break up and decide to be friends. Demi then says his premonition was correct, that he is meant to be alone at this time. Andre then realizes that he was, at one point, smothering Cameron when they were dating.

Rusty’s Secret

The girls leave their father at home, sick after chemo, to go to Mariluna’s for Thanksgiving dinner. Will Ines tell Gloria about Rusty’s secret? Yes, Ines tells Gloria that Rusty was paid by their uncle to date her. Even if Cameron and Demi back up Ines’s story, Gloria is angry. To get back at her sister, Gloria tells Ines that she is a curse and that their mother died because she was diagnosed with cancer while pregnant with Ines. (Yikes!). Well, to be more accurate, she tells her “it magically appeared” when pregnant with Ines. (Still, yikes!).

Then, the ruse is up with Rusty. He is forced to tell Gloria at dinner what happened but says he stopped taking money from Tio when he first realized his feelings for her. Of course, Gloria doesn’t take it well. She tells him, “How would he know what love is when your own mother never loved you!” Rusty is gut-punched, walks away, and Mariluna follows Gloria into the kitchen. She tells Gloria that Rusty does love her and gives her a couple of reasons. (The main one being he picked Gloria’s drawing of a bird over her’s that looked like a p***s with wings).

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Rusty and Ines Kiss

Rusty and Ines are both outside, feeling bad about themselves after Gloria’s sharp words. They argue and then kiss. That’s when Gloria walks outside but never sees them. She sits between them on the bench and gives a flippant apology if that solves all their problems. Rusty and Ines look at each other when Gloria isn’t watching.

Mariluna wants to prove to the kids that there is no curse and good things happen to people. She offers the group a million dollars to do whatever they want with it or to spend a million and not buy anything they can keep. If they choose the latter and follow the rules, they will get 10 million dollars in three months. The group discusses it as Mariluna walks her family to the door, and they decide to risk the latter. This way, Gloria can also help save their father with cancer treatments he cannot afford.

The Gunshot

While Mariluna is outside, Demi’s sisters’ boyfriend and friend mistake Mariluna for her sister. They think the RollerWorld money is accurate, and Mariluna has it (well, they believe her sister must have faked her death). When she goes to her car, the guys approach her, armed with weapons tucked into their jeans. Mariluna pulls her gun on them, and they warn her she wants no part of them. Thats when they remember the premonition that would sister would be the downfall of another.

Freeridge Season 1 Ending Explained

The final scenes show Demi’s sister’s boyfriend and friend, shoes running away from the house after we hear the gunshot. In the last scene, we see Marisol’s feet settling, as if her body has given out, out of the driver’s side door, and her high heels rest on the concrete driveway. Is Marisol dead? It’s certainly implied that she is. However, at this point, we don’t know for certain either way. She could just as easily be discovered with a pulse and a gunshot wound.

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