Liaison Season 1 Episode 2 Release Date, Time and Where to Watch

February 24, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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We discuss predictions for the Apple TV+ series Liaison Season 1 Episode 2, including the release date and where to watch online.

Apple TV+ has an espionage thriller series for viewers to check out. Liaison boasts star power in Vincent Cassel and Eva Green, although the opening episode seemed somewhat off to me. “Storm Warning” focuses on two Syrian hackers, who try to seek asylum in France, but end up in London instead. Gabriel (Cassel) is tasked with bringing these two back to France, although the Brits are after them too. Meanwhile, London, the capital, is gripped by numerous cyber-attacks. Here’s what happened in Liaison Season 1 Episode 1:

  • Hackers Samir and Walid are tracked down in Damascus. They have top-secret information that many nations are after. They escape and head towards the border, where Gabriel waits for them. The extraction is ambushed, though, and Gabriel is taken hostage.
  • The hackers use Gabriel’s new passports and a bribe to get into Turkey. From here, they head to the UK. They are greeted by Samir’s uncle, who gives them a job and accommodation.
  • Meanwhile, the UK is hacked by terrorists. Firstly, the National Cyber Security Center is sent a warning, and then the barriers at the Thames are breached, causing a mass flood in London.
  • Richard Banks is tasked with solving this data breach. He sends his private secretary Alison to investigate. Cyber Security’s Mark Bolton downplays the events, while Alison urges Richard to tell the PM that this is a real threat.
  • Gabriel’s boss Dumas sends him to London with a fake identity to retrieve the hackers’ USB key. Gabriel chases after Walid and nabs the USB key. Then he tracks down Samir, who can help get into the USB Key, but this hacker escapes.
  • The Brits believe Walid to be their prime suspect concerning the double hacking. He is currently unconscious in the hospital, though. They look at the CCTV footage and see Gabriel is involved in the hotel chase. Alison recognizes him immediately but says nothing. Richard wants Gabriel to be apprehended, but he has diplomatic immunity.
  • Alison’s partner Albert is hired to solve this immunity problem, although Alison worries about Albert’s involvement.
  • After Alison and Albert’s argument, Gabriel appears, hinting at an old romance with Alison.

Liaison Season 1 Episode 2 Release Date and Time

Episode 2 will be released on Apple TV+ on Friday, March 3rd, 2023. The release time is midnight PT. Episode 2 is titled “Tsunami” and will have a run time of 52 minutes.

Where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can catch Liaison Season 1 Episode 2 with a subscription to Apple TV+ on the date mentioned above.


  • It looks like Alison and Gabriel have a history together. They will reconnect in secret. Is Alison a secret spy? Does she work for France? Or did these two happen to meet in the past? There are many possibilities.
  • Gabriel will use Alison to aid in his work, while Alison will use Gabriel for information on the Syrian hackers.
  • Walid will wake from his coma and be interrogated. Samir will hide from the Brits and the French; who can he turn to now?
  • There will be a third cyber-attack on British soil; this one will be the most dangerous yet.

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