Love is Blind Season 4 Review – the most drama-filled season yet

By Emma Vine
Published: March 25, 2023 (Last updated: December 14, 2023)
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Love is Blind season 4 is the most drama-filled of the series to date and is a binge-worthy must-see for fans of the hit reality television show.

We review the Netflix Reality series Love is Blind Season 4, which contains spoilers.

Since it was announced that Love is Blind was returning to Netflix for a fourth season, I counted the days to its release.

Say what you want about reality television, but the show’s desire for couples to get to know one another on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level before ever meeting in person is a genius idea and a breath of fresh air in an appearance-focused society.

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Whether it be due to height, wanting their suitor to have a college degree, or an age gap that the singles wouldn’t have been able to get past if they had been aware of it beforehand, successful couples from the show admit that they may not have considered whom they formed a connection within the pods out in the real world if they’d continued to live by stringent dating preferences.

And since the show was released in 2020, Love is Blind has proven that falling in love sight unseen can work, with four couples, Barnett and Amber, Lauren and Cameron, Alexa and Brennon, and Colleen and Matt, all saying, “I do” at the alter and remaining together to this day.

Love is Blind Season 4 Review

Season 4 takes us to Seattle as a new group of hopefuls arrive at the pods and are determined to find love. Although we have seen the process play out many times before, it’s still entertaining watching each date occur, especially when two singles struggle to converse. It’s apparent from the get-go that there’s zero chemistry between them.

I found myself invested in certain romances quicker than last season, and each single is interesting and unique. Hats off to the casting director because I think season 4 has the best cast to date, though we all know harmony isn’t something that stays around for long in the reality television world, and before long, the cracks start to show.

Remember in Love is Blind season 1 when Jessica became public enemy number one after attempting to flirt with Barnett in the outside world while trying to plant a seed of doubt in his mind regarding Amber? Well, those events are now a distant memory because when it comes to villains and drama, season 4 takes the cake.

Speaking of cake, one of the most awkward scenes this season is when Bliss is baking cupcakes for Zack’s birthday, and Irina, who is also interested in the lawyer, asks Bliss if she can borrow one of the candles.

As it turns out, she forgot it was her potential future soulmate’s special day and was eager to present him with a gift. It’s the thought that counts, though, right?

And when you thought no one could top Raven’s unforgettable workout during her heart-to-heart with Bartise in season 3, Tiffany falls asleep while Brett declares his love for her, a moment I am still completely confused by.

There’s always that moment each season when a couple finally meets in person, and you can tell by the looks on their faces that one of them isn’t feeling it.

In this season, it becomes apparent quite quickly that Irina isn’t attracted to Zack physically, with her comparing him to a cartoon character lookalike. After the fact, he still questions whether the comment was a dig or a compliment.

But the awkward reveals are always balanced out with more pleasant experiences for viewers, as couples who are fan favorites are instantly attracted to one another when meeting face to face. This gives the audience hope that they will later go on to say I do.

Thankfully, this season, there are some romances that are endearing to watch.

The couples leaving the pods to vacation in Mexico with their new partners provide the best entertainment for viewers as they adjust to their new reality in each other’s physical presence.

When all the former singles are introduced to one another and have to see all the people they previously dated — talk about awkward — there’s undoubtedly attraction between some of the cast who formed connections in the pods but didn’t get engaged.

Though this has happened in previous seasons, it has rarely been acted on. Still, the cast of season 4 appears a lot more daring than before, with the likes of Irina, who is incredibly attracted to her best friend’s partner — You can smell the drama from a mile away!

Amidst some of the chaos, there are some incredibly charming cast members, particularly Marshall, who is supportive and uplifting, and one of the most grounded people the series has ever encountered.

Is Love is Blind Season 4 good?

Love is Blind season 4 is the juiciest season to date and is highly entertaining to watch. The singles are interesting and full of personality, and the show has the perfect balance of likable cast members and backstabbers who bring a lot of drama to the table.

If you’re a fan of the show, season 4 is likely to rank on the higher end of your tier list.

What did you think of the Netflix hit reality series Love is Blind Season 4? Comment below.

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