Where was Florida Man on Netflix filmed? Locations Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: April 14, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Where was Florida Man on Netflix filmed? We discuss the highly anticipated series and its filming locations. 

A disgraced ex-cop, a dangerous mobster, and a runaway girlfriend all comprise the premise for Netflix’s Florida Man.

The show, created by Donald Todd, stars Edgar Ramirez as Mike Valentine, returning to his old home state on a mission that should have been easy and finding that there are some dark undercurrents surrounding the case.

The crime drama also has a streak of dark comedy running through it, and the show has found an audience, but from a production point of view, there is a question viewers have been asking, so this article will answer the question, where was Netflix series Florida Man filmed?

Where was the Florida Man filmed – a breakdown of filming locations

New Hanover County, North Carolina

So I suppose you were expecting a main shoot to take place all over Florida, and it turns out that most of the major scenes were filmed in North Carolina.

Wilmington is the primary shooting location for Florida Manand the city has a long history of filmmaking. Shows such as Dawson’s Creek, Under The Dome, and One Tree Hill were filmed here, and movie classics such as Blue Velvet and Empire Records also used this versatile location.

For Florida Man, they used the shopping complex of The Pointe at Barclay at 1450 Barclay Pointe Boulevard in Wilmington.

The area was filled with cargo containers, wooden structures, and some buildings that were used in several scenes in season 1. A set was also built on-site, featuring the front facade of an AutoZone and a barn.

Dark Horse Studios, Wilmington

More construction was required in Wilmington, including a water tank in the Dark Horse Studios at 301 Harley Road.

This purpose-built studio opened in 2020 and has a stunning 80,000 square feet of space, as well as workshops, office space, warehouses, and storage.

A studio space is hugely beneficial for a production such as this, as the purpose-built facility can offer everything a show needs to film quickly and efficiently.

Various Locations, Wilmington

Locations for scenes were documented all around the city, so just for the very eagle-eyed among you, here are some that were noticed.

  • Stevens Ace Hardware at 6756 Market Street.
  • UniFirst Uniform Services at 1821 Dawson Street.
  • Hell’s Kitchen at 118 Princess Street.
  • All Ways Graphics at 120 Racine Drive #3
  • The Copper Penny at 109 Chestnut Street.

There is a blink-and-miss-it view of Quanto Basta: Italian Eatery & Wine Bar at 107 North 2nd Street, Wilmington International Airport at 1740 Airport Boulevard, The Rusty Nail at 1310 S 5th Avenue #6260, Starway Flea Market at 2346 Carolina Beach Road, and Princess Place Drive.

Carolina Beach

This beautiful beach town also had some production team action, with scenes filmed at Melissa’s Coin Laundry at 702 Lake Park Boulevard South and a section of the beach strand near 300 Carolina Beach Avenue North.


Some scenes were filmed in Florida, probably as establishing shots and second-unit pick-ups, so you will probably notice some iconic landmarks in the backgrounds. Look for South Beach, Downtown Miami, the Art Deco District, Bayside Marketplace, and Brickell City Centre.

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