Is Florida Man on Netflix based on a true story?

By Lori Meek
Published: April 16, 2023
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Is Florida Man on Netflix based on a true story? We discuss the anticipated Netflix show and determine if it is based on real events.

From This is Us creator Donald Todd comes a wacky crime heist comedy named after the U.S. state that can’t stay out of the most absurd headlines you can think of – Florida Man. Netflix first announced the show just a few weeks before its premiere. 

The series, co-produced by Ozark’s Jason Bateman, stars Edgar Ramírez as a former cop turned gambling addict forced to return to his Florida hometown to find a mobster’s missing girlfriend.

Finding her would erase his debt to the crime lord, but his previous long-term affair with her may or may not complicate things. Being back in the Floridian world where everything is possible most certainly adds difficulty to his mission. 

So far, critical response has been rather cold for the series, but based on Rotten Tomatoes ratings, audiences did find its charm. What exactly inspired Todd to put together this series and unleash the bizarre story onto the world? After all, we are talking about Florida Man, a show where the impossible becomes possible, and the twists are as strange as a shark bite in the groin going viral. 

Is Florida Man based on a true story?

Florida Man is a fictional crime drama about a former cop who gets involved in a fictional and bizarre heist in his hometown. However, the story took inspiration from the strange headlines that came out of Florida over the years. 

Is Florida Man based on a meme?

This series was indeed created thanks to the infamy of the Florida Man meme. When real headlines such as “Florida Man Steals Neighbour Peacock, Gets Chased by Angry Birds” seem to constantly make the news, it was only a matter of time until someone decided to make a whole Netflix series around the subject. 

What’s the story behind the Florida Man meme?

The meme first gained notoriety on social media platforms back in 2013 with a Twitter account that chronicled the strange and often amusing news headlines about the eponymous Florida Man. Netflix turned him into a fully-fledged character, but before that, internet netizens created their version of the Darwin Awards. 

It’s unclear why news outlets in Florida come up with significantly more wacky stories than the rest of the world. But it might be due to the state’s freedom of information laws giving journalists easier access to public records and police reports.

And the idea that a presumably singular Florida Man keeps getting himself in these strange situations quickly gained traction in the online world. 

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