The Gift season 2, episode 5 recap – where do you come from, where do you go?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: September 10, 2020 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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The Gift season 2, episode 5 recap


Atiye and Erhan head out on a road trip while forces amass to pursue them, including the police and a dangerous woman scorned.

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Atiye and Erhan are on the road. The journey’s supposed to be a secret, but Erhan can’t help but call his new wife, even if he doesn’t give anything away. Atiye reminds him that the same symbol was on the stone and Serdar’s ring, which can’t be a coincidence can it? Erhan isn’t interested in conspiracy theories, but you know what people say about things looking and quacking like a duck.

Serdar and Hannah, meanwhile, have a testy exchange about Erhan. It seems she really does love him, which makes you wonder what Erhan has over her to keep her loyal to him. Serdar calls Sansar requesting a forged criminal record for Atiye to get the police on her back, too.

There’s a lot at stake here. Atiye reiterates to Erhan that no babies will ever be born again if they don’t succeed in their quest. Erhan thinks she’s a nutcase, but there have been far too many coincidences for him to dismiss her out of hand. Nevertheless, they argue on the side of the road until she finally admits that she’s from a parallel universe and that his child is in her womb — not exactly the argument I’d have chosen to convince a skeptic, which is just as well since The Gift immediately backs out of this; Atiye was just imagining telling him the truth.

Mustafa is shown Atiye’s criminal record by Osman and, naturally, doesn’t believe a word of it. Nevertheless, her description has been sent all over the place, so her ability to remain incognito is severely compromised at this point. On the road with Erhan, her nose starts bleeding again. At the side of the road, Erhan is recognized by a man who calls him Kadir, but he’s mistaking him for his grandfather, apparently. This is where his mother is buried. Atiye suggests they visit her grave. Seems too big of a coincidence to ignore, doesn’t it?

Hannah goes to see Nazim to enlist his help in finding Erhan. She plays the doting wife for a while, but not long — instead, she threatens Elif if Nazim doesn’t play along, and also to reveal that he was responsible for the death of Erhan’s mother. At her graveside, Erhan tells her he wishes it had been him who died in the earthquake. Atiye points out that some of the flowers that have been left are new. Apparently an old woman visits her regularly, a woman with a star mark. Atiye reckons they should look for her, showing Erhan her own mark. This triggers a memory for him but of scruffy parallel universe Erhan. Suddenly, another man runs up to Erhan — his Uncle Ilyas, who has apparently been waiting for him for years since he has a trust for him.

Meanwhile in The Gift season 2, episode 5, Melek finds Serdar’s hilariously poorly-hidden secret model, and it’s obvious that she’s running out of patience. She wants him to find Ozan and be quick about it, and one gets the sense that she isn’t going to wait around for long. Luckily, Hannah calls to tell Serdar that she knows where they are, which at present is in Uncle Ilyas’s house. The elderly man regales Erhan and Atiye with stories about Erhan’s childhood, especially when he went missing and survived for five days alone in a cave. He doesn’t recall the incident at all. Apparently, every day after that incident, Erhan came here and made things with Uncle Ilyas, telling him to keep them, since one day he’d return for them. But he was told to trust this five-year-old kid by the woman with the star mark, who now lives in the house he was born in.

That’s where Atiye and Erhan go next, and naturally, Zühre is there. She explains she has waited there for years and protected the house since he went away. Apparently, little Erhan hid a treasure in his room all those years ago. There are drawings on the wall, dreams he had — apparently even then he knew his duty, but nobody believed him. Nobody, that is, except Nazim, who trusted in his vision, but gave his discovery over to the wrong people. Now he’s here, he can fix everything, but only if he asks his soul and listens to it — sound advice, as ever. She explains that both she and Erhan and Atiye and Erhan have met before, a long, long time ago, and that they need to go there. The tunnel opens at sunset.

Shortly after they leave, Hannah arrives looking for them and runs into Zühre, who “shows her the truth”, which is alternate Erhan having sex with Atiye. Zühre is hilariously smug about this. Apparently Hannah can still choose, and she still has a chance to fight. We’ll see.

Atiye and Erhan have a little picnic and spend time bonding in The Gift season 2, episode 5. They discuss parallel universes, the place Atiye comes from, and the man she loves, but Hannah interrupts them to tell him that the police are looking for Atiye because she’s a criminal liar. Sirens blare out in the distance. Atiye does a runner, but as she’s fleeing, her nose starts to bleed.

In the meantime, Hannah takes Erhan to Mustafa. He shows him Atiye’s criminal record, while Zühre sways in a wind that she seems to be controlling. Atiye arrives there for shelter as Erhan thumbs through her record. Mustafa confesses to Erhan that he doesn’t believe Atiye committed any of these crimes and wants Erhan’s help to clear her name. At that moment the police pull up and surround Zühre’s house. Zühre tells her it’s time to go, but the police open fire through the building, mortally wounding her. Her final words are that Atiye must go home — there’s a person waiting for her there. Erhan still has time to find them. Mustafa arrives on the scene berating the cops for opening fire, but it turns out they didn’t — it was Hannah. She later drives away with Erhan, but on the way, he spots the little girl in the white dress at the side of the road. He exits the car and gives chase; she leads him straight to the tunnel, from which a purple light is emanating. A mysterious Jesus-looking dude speaks with him, but he returns to the car and drives away. On a nearby hillside, Atiye tells her unborn child that her father will remember them soon.

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