The Gift season 2, episode 6 recap – knowing who to trust

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: September 10, 2020 (Last updated: February 11, 2024)
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The Gift season 2, episode 6 recap


Many secrets spill out as Atiye attempts to go back to the beginning, but in the process, she learns things about herself that she wasn’t expecting, and realizes who she can trust.

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Things are getting weirder by the minute. The latest cold open finds Atiye wandering over the plains, where she comes across a group of women who have recently buried a mother and her child. Another among them is pregnant. When Atiye touches her, she sits upright, knowing that Atiye is the one with the star mark. Atiye promptly collapses.

Erhan, too, is having weird visions of himself as a child coming face to face with that purple tunnel.

Mustafa goes to see Serdar, and he’s rightly curious why he’s so concerned about Atiye getting arrested now that he knows his son is out of the country. Melek is curious about the woman who died — Zühre, in case you’ve forgotten — and knows something is up, especially when Serdar says that Ozan just called to say he’s in Paris and loving it. He suggests they go there together and drag him back if that’s what she wants, and charms her with a bit of dancing. She isn’t buying it, though. In the bathroom, Serdar sees visions of his parallel self battering parallel Ozan; he cries in the bathtub and promises he’ll bring his son back like he brought his mother back.

Hannah, meanwhile, is struggling with having killed Zühre; the old woman appears to her and brings the wind with her, and Hannah has to repeat “she’s dead” over and over to stave off the visions. Things aren’t going well for the bad guys, are they? Melek gets a bouquet of roses delivered with a note that reads, “the time has come.” Time for what? We’re unclear for now. Erhan is obviously deeply suspicious of Serdar given what he’s learned, and that comes across when they speak, accusing each other of hiding things. Erhan asks him if he knew Nazim was alive, and that his father told him only Atiye is to be trusted, not Serdar. Serdar tells him to remember where he came from and who he is. Be careful what you wish for, I guess.

When Atiye wakes, she’s surrounded by the women in their shelter; their pregnancies have forced them to go underground. She helps tend to the pregnant woman; she has healing hands, apparently, the same as Sister Seher, the girl with the mark on her face. Atiye asks where she can find her, and she goes to see her. “All of us live on in one world or another,” she says by way of explanation. She has advice for Atiye to go back to the place and time where she met Erhan in order to protect her child. Somewhere, she has the key to open the doors of her memory — she just needs to find where she put it. They use water to help her remember, and she sees a vision of herself and a Christ-like Erhan. She remembers the place now. She just needs to get Erhan to remember, too.

Speaking of Erhan, he’s increasingly suspicious of Hannah, having evidently put two and two together. She thinks that he doesn’t have the grounds to interrogate her given he snuck off with another woman, but nobody’s buying that. In a huff, she smashes one of his childhood creations, and there’s a little document inside it.

Atiye calls Elif asking her to get Erhan to meet him — nice for The Gift season 2, episode 6 to remember her. Instead, though, Elif calls Mustafa to let him know where Atiye is going to be this evening. She gets a call back informing her that she’s going to receive an address; she has to go there immediately if she ever wants to see Ozan again. When she goes there, Nazim is waiting for her. He had to bait her there with Ozan to give her a warning — she has to get away from Serdar and his family right now since they’re going to hurt her. He gives her an address to go to where she’ll be safe. Later, he’ll come and explain everything. He also tells her that Erhan knows he’s alive. She has to keep quiet and go to that address immediately. He swears he’ll join her there.

Mustafa makes his way to the old bazaar to collar Atiye, but the information gets straight back to Serdar courtesy of Osman. When Nazim returns home, he finds Erhan waiting for him. He wants to know everything, from the beginning. He tells him the story of when he disappeared as a child, as we see Atiye venture into the tunnel. They discuss the symbols being an ancient and rarely-used language, which there is a specific way to read. Atiye traces these symbols on a plinth in the tunnel. While doing so, she’s ambushed by Mustafa, who cuffs her and leads her outside. The pregnant woman outside has died, blood streaming from her nose. Atiye touches her and brings her back to life, as Erhan reads aloud the deciphered symbols that declare Atiye a goddess. Nazim tells him she could be the last of her line; he has to find her. Serdar tries to call Erhan, but Nazim plays him the recording of Hannah threatening him. Now he knows who he can trust.

As Mustafa is transporting Atiye back to the station, Osman tries to ambush them and take Atiye. But the old man has already figured out what’s up — he isn’t in the car. Instead, he allows Atiye to go free. She thanks him, but he tells her it isn’t him she needs to thank, as we cut to see Melek tipping him off to help her. On the news, Ozan’s dead body is discovered. She and Serdar both sob as he begs her not to leave.

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