The Gift season 2, episode 4 recap – the truth comes out

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: September 10, 2020 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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The Gift season 2, episode 4 recap


Atiye’s predicament puts a new spin on things as everyone attempts to hunt her down, and Elif is forced to make a major confession.

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In the cold open, Atiye runs through the woods in the white dress covered in blood; the present-day version of her wakes with a bloody nose and staggers through Elif’s apartment, the fog of the night before hanging over both of them. When she’s splashing her face with water, Atiye finds Elif’s pregnancy tests and takes one, as a news report reinforces the frenzy being whipped up by all the pregnancy-related deaths. Atiye’s test comes back positive — she’s pregnant with an alternate reality baby. Awkward.

Ozan is missing, meanwhile. Elif hasn’t heard from him. Atiye plays off her spewing as something she ate, not telling Elif about the test. She has enough on her plate as it is, since when she goes outside she sees the little girl in white again, who calls her “Mother”. The symbol on the wall looms as ever.

Erhan wakes up next to Hannah, suddenly a married man. He asks her if she could forgive someone who’s been lying to her for years — she clearly thinks he’s talking about her, but of course, he’s talking about Nazim. He doesn’t think he can ever forgive him. He lets on that Atiye knows about this too, which is clearly going to backfire given Hannah’s loyalty to Serdar. Erhan rushes away after a phone call, insisting something incredible has happened, at which point Hannah calls Serdar with the tea. He still wants her to find Serap. Melek is worried about Ozan being missing, but Serdar is unconcerned. He, too, gets a phone call, from Elif’s landlord, who apparently heard a lot of shouting at her place last night and saw Ozan leave. Snitch.

When Mustafa returns home with breakfast, he finds Serap gone. She has left behind a rose and a thank you note, as well as a message for Atiye. He calls her to let her know, as Serdar and Melek arrive at Elif’s place to interrogate her about what she and Ozan were arguing about. She has no choice but to tell them they’re lovers; neither of them takes it all that well, to say the least.

As Erhan is on his way to his major discovery, someone who works for him calls him to let him know that the stone he was testing melted. Bad news. When Atiye visits Mustafa she’s given more — he tells her that Serap died when she was 16, and he knows her so-called mother’s medical records have been falsified. He wants answers but agrees to one more favour for Atiye — he goes to see Serdar to inquire about Ozan’s disappearance. The conversation quickly turns to Serap when Mustafa questions whether Ozan might have been kidnapped by enemies of the family. As Mustafa is leaving, Serdar remembers that he does have a suspect — Atiye.

Atiye, meanwhile in The Gift season 2, episode 4, is meeting with Serap, who calls her unborn child a blessing from heaven. “God gives none of us a burden we are unable to carry,” she says to assuage Atiye’s fears about being able to protect the child. There’s a lot of grandiosity to this speech but I can’t say it’d set my mind at ease, personally. Nevertheless, Serap is adamant that Atiye’s daughter will save them all, but Erhan is still important, and it’s Atiye’s light that’ll guide him. They need to find the place where the earth meets the sky. With this enigmatic advice delivered, Serap disappears.

Right on time, Erhan arrives at Elif’s place looking for Atiye. Serdar is continuing the search in his secret garden war room, while Melek stews over Ozan’s relationship with Elif. She thinks he chose Elif because she’s Erhan’s sister; he has always been jealous of Erhan and is looking for his father’s approval, or a way to get back at Serdar for his favouritism, or both. Elif has to reveal her relationship with Ozan to Erhan, too, which exposes some of the problems in their relationship. Nazim gets brought up, and while Erhan is right on the verge of dropping that he’s alive, he bites his tongue. Outside, he runs into Atiye. He immediately quizzes her about the 16,000-year old stone. That night he wants to go to where she found it, but she wants him to accompany her on an escapade first. She also turns alternate-Erhan’s epithets back at him, for dramatic effect.

Elif confronts Atiye about something going on between her and her family, but Atiye says she isn’t ready to hear it yet. Mustafa calls Atiye telling her to go to the station tomorrow morning. It’s all getting rather complicated, and especially for Serdar, who’s handling Ozan’s disappearance poorly. So, too, is Melek, who has realized that everything Serap said is coming true. She tells Serdar about her recurring nightmare in which she kills herself; he sees flashes of it and struggles for breath.

Mustafa visits Elif and gives her his card, telling her to call him if she sees or hears anything from Atiye. Serdar calls Hannah and tells her to find Atiye immediately, too. Everyone’s looking for her. But Atiye has collapsed in the street and has been taken to hospital, where the doctors immediately suggest an ultrasound to determine if she’s pregnant. Her secret looks like it’ll be out of the bag sooner rather than later. She has no ID on her, but she does have a policeman’s card in her bag; Mustafa must know where she is, in that case. The doctors want to terminate her pregnancy before she dies, but Atiye refuses.

Melek gets a text message from Ozan saying he’s fine, which seems like a setup to me. Meanwhile, Mustafa and Hannah both arrive at the hospital looking for Atiye, while Erhan waits for her at their prearranged meeting spot. She makes it on time, telling him to turn his phone off and drive. Serdar doesn’t take the news that Hannah missed her well. Erhan, too, is starting to see visions of the little girl in white.

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