Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 1 Recap – who is Cha Jeong-suk?

April 16, 2023 (Last updated: 4 days ago)
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A solid enough opener sets the scene for an intriguing comedy.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Doctor Cha season 1 Episode 1, which does not contains spoilers.

Although slightly clunky, Doctor Cha episode one did a decent job of establishing its cast and their intentions. Hopefully, in the weeks that come, refinement will follow, as this is a Korean Drama with definite potential.

Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

Jeong-suk’s hectic day

Upon visiting her friend, Baek Mi-hee, for a dermatology appointment, Cha Jeong-suk begins to reflect on her life choices. Was becoming a “full-time housewife” really a misuse of her medical license?

It’s a poignant question, but it’s clear Jeong-suk mightn’t have been cut out for the medical field when she struggles to deal with a man who falls ill on the bus she’s traveling on.

Nevertheless, the ill man is subsequently nursed back to health, thanks to the assistance of surgeon Roy Kim in the back of an ambulance. What this means for the nervy Jeong-suk, though, is that she has to fess up to not practicing medicine for 20 years.

As Seo In-ho’s workplace affair with Seung-hi is established, Jeong-suk continues to contemplate. This time, there’s a positive spin put on life as a housewife, as the qualified doctor’s mother-in-law stresses the importance of a “healthy family.”

Later, however, we get a true look at how dejecting this stay-at-home responsibility can be when the extremely strict In-ho is happy to critique everything about his wife and relentlessly quiz his children.

Jeong-suk collapses

While In-ho prepares to jet off to Europe with Seung-hi for a “conference,” Jeong-suk collapses during a shopping trip. The cause of this occurrence is acute hepatitis, meaning the family manager must be properly admitted for treatment.

Yet Jeong-suk finds herself in a bit of a sticky situation, needing to rely on her working mother to be her guardian because In-ho and Ae-sim have labeled themselves too preoccupied.

Following on from some more reflections on her previous life in healthcare and a clumsy interruption of Roy Kim giving a patient treatment, Jeong-suk is informed of the potential dangers of her condition, should it lead to kidney failure. Thus, the housewife calls upon her mother and prepares to be admitted.

Jeong-suk needs a liver transplant

30 days later, the situation is vastly different. Jeong-suk now needs a liver transplant, and despite In-ho’s compatibility, Ae-sim objects to her healthy son undergoing surgery, instead wishing her in-law would hold off for a “brain-dead donor.”

What follows is a private argument between Ae-sim and Deok-rye, where the latter hears she was basically responsible for Jeong-suk leaving the healthcare business because she was watching over Jung-min when he got in a car accident. Outside, the real person in need listens on.

As an upset Deok-rye becomes increasingly desperate to find a donor for her daughter, Roy Kim provides comfort to the worried Jeong-suk by allowing her to observe a surgery. Elsewhere, Seung-hi vents frustrations about her adulterous relationship with In-ho yet seems calmed by assurances she wouldn’t be left alone if sick.

With Jong-su rescinding Deok-rye’s money offer in exchange for becoming a donor, things look increasingly bleak for Jeong-suk, who collapses again.

Fortunately, she does pull through, though her critical condition means In-ho, in spite of both his mother and Seung-hi’s frustration, has to agree to donate his liver.

“I’ll never stop being grateful to you for the rest of my life,” Jeong-suk tells her husband after admitting there is some resentment she holds towards him. Then, once he’s finished consulting with Roy Kim, In-ho prepares to sign the consent forms to donate part of his liver to his wife.

Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 1 Ending Explained

However, this doesn’t go to plan, and Ae-sim dramatically arrives at the hospital to stop In-ho from going through with his promise. Luckily, Jeong-suk does still end up having a liver transplant, in addition to the chance to get one over on her husband.

“You little bastard,” she happily tells him when waking up, bringing an end to the episode.

What did you think of the Netflix K-Drama series Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 1? Comment below.

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