Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – how does Jeong-suk cope with her return to work?

By Nathan Sartain
Published: April 22, 2023 (Last updated: May 29, 2023)
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A solid episode builds higher stakes.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 3, which does not contains spoilers.

Although there wasn’t a great deal that occurred here, episode three of Doctor Cha still succeeded in building its stakes through a humorous lens. Now that the possibility of Jung-min (Song Ji-ho) being revealed as Jeong-suk’s son is on the table, what follows will likely make things even more enjoyably chaotic.

Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Doctor Cha episode three begins with some context. First, Jeong-suk got the job at the family medicine department of Gusan University Hospital due to another candidate enlisting in the army.

Then, the resident “felt offended” by Seung-hi’s employment at her new place of work, given In-ho hadn’t discussed it with her.

Finally, Jeong-suk struggles to adapt at first, with one particular colleague (Moon Chea-yoon) put off by her age.

What does In-ho find out at work?

Now picking up where we left off in the last episode, In-ho’s sighting of Jeong-suk at his hospital impacts him so much, he declares he needs an IV drip. Following that, an angered Seung-hi wants to know the next steps, only to be told to hold fire for now.

Next, it’s more bad news for In-ho, as Roy Kim is revealed to have joined Gusan University Hospital, and he has no intention of discouraging Jeong-suk from following her dream despite her recent liver transplant. However, the newbie is informed to keep the chief surgeon’s marital status a secret.

Where does Jeong-suk end up placed?

As Jeong-suk struggles to adjust to her fast-paced new job, she ends up with a coincidental change of scenery (in part thanks to Seung-hi’s protests). The resident is moved to the surgery department when a pregnant second-year trainee drops out, meaning she will be working alongside her husband and son.

After a day spent justifying her dream to her family, Jeong-suk meets with Roy Kim, who shocks her with a “joke” regarding her divorcing In-ho. Still, the two do manage something resembling a heart-to-heart, with one particular nugget being the statement that separation takes more “courage” than marriage.

How does Jeong-suk get support?

At home, Jeong-suk is subjected to lectures from Ae-sim and I-rang. The former uses the homemaker’s health (as well as her family’s comfort levels) as a lazy excuse to try to dissuade the resident from continuing with her career ambitions. I-rang, in a similar vein, angrily uses the theme of “neglect,” though is told it’s time she finds her own path, unaided.

When toying with the idea of her husband not wanting her at Gusan University Hospital for a currently unrevealed reason, In-ho reluctantly offers his wife support in pursuing her goal of becoming a doctor. Yet he does have conditions that are eagerly agreed to: Jeong-suk cannot complain, come to him for help, act like the two know each other, or expect any “special treatment.”

What are In-ho and Seung-hi’s next steps?

After barely making it to work on time, Jung-seok has to withstand more embarrassment when her husband grills her on medical terminology she has no clue about. Plus, the resident almost exposes Jung-min as her son on the job when encouraging him post-scolding, meaning she’s in a bit of a precarious position.

While Seung-hi is left to dwell on how she can “push” Jung-seok towards quitting sooner, given In-ho is firmly believing it’ll only be a matter of time anyway, a large team dinner is organized for the Gusan University Hospital staff, to commemorate the newcomers. Elsewhere, Ae-sim apologizes to Deok-rye at a tense dinner before attention shifts towards the latter’s daughter. Eventually, the conversation gets petty, and Ae-sim is warned to abstain from action and let Jeong-suk have her way in working a residency.

Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 3 Ending Explained

At first, the team dinner goes well. Yet when In-ho fails to dispel positive rumors that claim he wishes to give part of his liver to his presumably happy wife, Jeong-suk exaggerates a laugh to the point all eyes fixate on her.

Afterward, Jung-min refuses to send his mother home, unbothered by his father’s flimsy justification of his want for her removal due to her recent liver transplant.

Soon, things turn extremely awkward. Firstly, Jeong-suk (again) almost exposes that Jung-min is her son by arguing against him being ordered to grill more meat.

Then, In-ho spits out his drink upon hearing his wife state that her husband is dead. And finally, to end the episode, the team dinner comes to a dramatic end when Jeong-suk jumps up in audible, motherly surprise when Jung-min burns his hand in shock.

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