Will there be a Season 4 of The Mandalorian on Disney+?

April 19, 2023
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This article discusses the possibility of The Mandalorian Season 4 and the renewed or canceled status of the Disney+ Star Wars series. It may contain spoilers for previous seasons.

The Mandalorian is, without a doubt, the crown jewel in Disney’s small-screen Star Wars storytelling efforts, and has easily been the most successful canonical content since the House of Mouse took control of the franchise and detonated the expanded Legends continuity with all the ceremony of Darth Vader obliterating Alderaan.

After two initial seasons, and a sneaky half-season in the middle of The Book of Boba Fett, the adventures of Din Djarin and Grogu have captured the hearts and minds of Star Wars fans the world over. The third season, though, has been a little different. It has largely abandoned the adventure-of-the-week format in exchange for a more serialized approach depicting the efforts of Mandalorians to retake their homeworld of Mandalore.

It has also felt much more like a component of bigger-picture storytelling, with subplots and characters — such as Project Necromancer — designed to connect the events of the season with the rest of the franchise, especially Palpatine’s misguided return in The Rise of Skywalker. This also ties into events depicted in the second season of The Bad Batch and will, presumably, be closely related to what happens in the upcoming Ahsoka series.

While the answer might be obvious, then, we’ll ask the question anyway:

Will there be a Season 4 of The Mandalorian on Disney+?

The simple answer is yes, of course there will be.

In fact, it has already been written. Jon Favreau has even confirmed that he already has a script.

This isn’t remotely surprising for a gigantic multimedia franchise like Star Wars. These things are planned out years in advance because they have to tie in multiple film and TV projects and connect to a story spanning decades. There’s no room for making things up on the fly. With The Mandalorian being as popular as it is, its continued existence was inevitable.

However, it’s definitely becoming part of a more coherent wider storytelling initiative that we now know will culminate in a giant Marvel-style crossover movie, serving as the definitive swansong for Disney’s small-screen properties while also — one assumes — reviving faith in their big-screen slate after a string of… let’s say controversial efforts.

So, yes, you will definitely see more of Din and Grogu — or, after The Mandalorian Season 3 finale, Din and Din Grogu.

This is the Way.

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