Dead Ringers Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – why is Beverly kidnapped?

By Adam Lock
Published: April 21, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Centered by an uncomfortable and nightmarish dinner sequence, the second installment is as tense as the first. Rachel Weisz continues to impress, juggling two very different characters in a tour de force performance. Elliot provides the humor and Beverly the humanity.

We recap the 2023 Amazon Prime Video series Dead Ringers Season 1 Episode 2, which contains spoilers.

In the second installment of Dead Ringers, the twins (Rachel Weisz) head to Rebecca’s swanky estate to pitch their business plan to potential investors.

It’s a hellish evening for Beverly as she is tested to her limits while Elliot soaks in the madness in her usual carefree way.

The twins debate whether this is the right move for them, while back at their pad, Greta (Poppy Liu) is up to no good.

Dead Ringers Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Elliot arrives at Tom’s lab to find the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) raiding the place. They’ve discovered a 16-day-old embryo, which is highly illegal, and Tom fears his career is now over.

Tom believes Elliot is behind this experiment, but he hasn’t ratted her out just yet. Elliot offers Tom a job at her new business. She needs this weekend to go smoothly first.

The twins are heading to Rebecca’s to make their final pitch. On the drive there, Joseph informs them of the many guests in attendance and potential talking points. Elliot is obviously jealous of Beverly’s new relationship with Genevieve, and she teases her sister, throwing her business proposal out of the window during the trip.

At dinner, the twins are introduced to the many snobbish guests. At this meal are Rebecca’s friends, family members, and close associates.

Elliot winds up Gwen Anderson, who runs a wellness empire and flirts with a board member called Ju Won. They all seem to agree that Beverly’s pitch is boring.

Beverly sparks a conversation with Rebecca’s niece McKenzie, awkwardly addressing the opioid crisis that her family instigated. McKenzie is proud of what they achieved.

The guests all appear to be pretentious and extremely unhinged with their dated thoughts and beliefs. They’ve even undergone trepanning, the art of drilling into one’s skull.

What does Greta do at the apartment?

During all this madness, the twins’ maid Greta is busy at their apartment. She collects hair samples, tampons, and other odd items from the twins.

The twins’ mother leaves a message on their answering machine, and the maid even takes this tape as well.

Why is Beverly kidnapped?

Food is then served at Rebecca’s mansion, and Beverly is distraught to hear that they are serving up horse meat. It’s a nightmarish setup, with the filmmakers creating an uncomfortable and intense, drawn-out sequence that makes the audience empathize with poor Beverly.

Meanwhile, Elliot is handed a card that orders her to kidnap her sister later in the night for an awful game, testing Beverly to her breaking point.

In private, the sisters discuss how the evening is going. Beverly thinks they’re all insane, and she wants to go home; they all hate her. But Elliot is certain that they are making some progress; she believes she can land them the deal.

As the night continues, the guests become even more intense, forcing Beverly into a pitching session. They discuss their own experiences with birthing and debate abortion, menopause, and infertility. The guests and Rebecca seem obsessed with profit, but Beverly is more concerned with helping women than making any money.

Elliot sees the guests losing interest and makes some outlandish claims. She states she can delay menopause and grow an embryo longer than anyone before her. Beverly argues that this isn’t feasible. Rebecca urges her to think bigger.

After the meal, Beverly is kidnapped by her sister and thrown in a locked room. While Beverly slowly attempts to escape, Elliot finds Ju Won and sleeps with the entrepreneur while his translator watches. Beverly eventually escapes. Having reached the end of her tether, she tells the guests what she really thinks. Beverly refuses to work with any of them and then pushes Elliot into the swimming pool.

What is Rebecca’s proposal?

Rebecca seems to be impressed by the twins nonetheless and finally makes her proposal. She wants to give them millions of dollars to open a flagship birthing and research center in Manhattan.

With plans to then expand all over the country. Elliot will work in the lab, and Beverly will deliver the babies. The twins have 24 hours to make a decision.

Dead Ringers Season 1 Episode 2 Ending Explained

The twins’ maid, Greta, drives them home. Elliot asks if Beverly and Genevieve are serious, worrying that her sister is distancing herself from her. Beverly doesn’t answer but contacts Rebecca straight away. She accepts her offer.

After dropping off the twins, Greta heads home, where she rifles through her stolen items. She replays the answer machine message over and over.

Then in the final scene of the episode, Beverly attends a grief group. She talks about Genevieve and pretends her sister Elliot is dead. Is this some vicious act of defiance, or is there more to this bizarre storyline?

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