Who plays Greta in Dead Ringers?

By Adam Lock
Published: April 22, 2023 (Last updated: March 7, 2024)
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Who plays Greta in Dead Ringers?

Who plays Greta in Dead Ringers? We explore the character of Greta and the actress who plays her. This article contains spoilers.

Prime Video’s latest original miniseries Dead Ringers has been praised for featuring an award-worthy dual performance from Rachel Weisz, who stars as identical twins Beverly and Elliot Mantle. But this psychological drama series also includes many more intriguing characters and some top-quality performances from these supporting cast members.

One of these roles that seems to be causing lots of intrigue and debate is the character of Greta. But who exactly plays Greta and what is the relevance of her character in Dead Ringers?

Who is Greta in Dead Ringers?

Greta is Elliot and Beverly Mantle’s housekeeper. She is seen working in the twin gynecologists’ swanky apartment suite throughout the entirety of the series. Greta cooks the twins’ meals, cleans their home, and attends to all manner of housekeeping roles within the apartment.

She is also an artist, who secretly uses personal items from the twins’ home and their garbage in her art installation. The art show follows the theme of maternity, fertility, and legacy, focusing on Greta’s mother, who died soon after giving birth to her daughter.

Who plays Greta in Dead Ringers?

The role of Greta is portrayed by Poppy Liu, a Chinese-American actress, activist, and poet. Poppy Liu was born in Xi’an, China, and moved to Minnesota, America when she was only two years old. The family would later move back to China when Poppy was a teenager, there she would find her interest in performing arts.

Poppy Liu would go on to major in women’s studies and theater at Colgate University, Hamilton, New York. Only a few years after graduating, Poppy Liu started appearing in successful TV shows, where she has since honed her craft.

Why is Greta important?

Dead Ringers has been criticized for including a few meandering subplots. Greta’s storyline may fall into this category as an unnecessary detour within the show’s overall narrative structure. The series would work just as well without Greta’s subplot, which has been referred to as filler by some critics.

This may seem like an unfair observation though, as Greta’s storyline adds an extra mystery to the series and is quite intriguing on the whole, if rather minor. But it is safe to say that Greta’s input doesn’t affect the Mantle’s arc at all. It just adds an outsider’s perspective to the twins’ crazy lives and feeds into the show’s themes of women’s healthcare, legacy, and motherhood.

What is Poppy Liu known for?

Poppy Liu is known for starring in HBO Max’s award-winning comedy series Hacks, as Kiki, Deborah’s personal blackjack dealer. She’s also starred in four episodes of Better Call Saul, playing the role of Jo. Poppy Liu will next be seen in season two of The Afterparty.

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