Who dies in Dead Ringers? Explained

By Adam Lock
Published: April 22, 2023 (Last updated: March 7, 2024)
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Who dies in Dead Ringers? Explained

Who dies in Dead Ringers? Explained. We explore the central deaths in Prime Video’s new miniseries and the fates of the two lead characters, Elliot and Beverly Mantle. This article contains spoilers. 

Prime Video’s new original drama series Dead Ringers is causing quite the stir with its graphic depictions of the birthing process and violent, body horror-related antics. As you would imagine a gory miniseries like this includes quite a lot of death.

With that in mind, viewers will be desperate to find out who exactly dies in Dead Ringers and what happens to the twin gynecologists, Beverly and Elliot, in the end.

What happened to Beverly and Elliot in Dead Ringers?

The six-part miniseries focuses on identical twins Beverly and Elliot Mantle, who work at Westcott Memorial Hospital. They spend their days delivering babies and researching ground-breaking developments in the field of birthing.

From the off, these two revolutionary doctors plan to open their very own birthing and research center, with the aim of improving the birthing process and female healthcare in general. They soon acquire the relevant investments from a billionaire couple and make their dreams a reality.

The only thing getting in their way is a complicated love triangle, some illegal activities, Elliot’s deranged jealousy, and the twins’ troubling co-dependency. What could possibly go wrong?

As the series progresses, Elliot’s criminal activities look set to derail the company entirely and Beverly is forced to distance herself from her twin sister to keep the business and her career alive.

Is Elliot dead or alive in Dead Ringers?

Elliot, the wilder, more rebellious of the two twins, is very much alive at the end of the first season. She swaps identities with her twin sister so that she can live happily ever after. This allows Elliot to avoid any criminal charges, wiping her slate clean.

After all, she had killed a homeless woman called Agnes and had illegally created twin embryos in her lab. Either one of these charges would have landed Elliot in prison and ruined her reputation instantly. Beverly allows Elliot a fresh start, to be a mother and a partner to Genevieve as well. Elliot takes on Beverly’s perfect life, finding happiness where Beverly could not.

Is Beverly dead or alive in Dead Ringers?

Beverly dies at the end of the first season of Dead Ringers. She instigates the ultimate identity swap with Elliot, sacrificing her life so that her twin sister can be happy and thrive once more.

Elliot performs an impromptu C-section, delivering Beverly’s healthy twin babies. Elliot then performs a similar operation on herself, she changes clothes and her appearance, taking on Beverly’s identity entirely. Beverly then bleeds out from the C-section operation in Elliot’s laboratory.

How did Dead Ringers end?

After this dramatic and traumatic identity swap, Beverly is seen dead in the lab and Elliot rushes into the birthing center, where she is saved and hospitalized. Elliot recovers in the center and spins a lie about her sister helping her with the birth before disappearing. Elliot now takes on Beverly’s identity.

She is next seen happy in the park with her partner Genevieve and Beverly’s twin daughters. A stranger comes up to Elliot, remembering her from the bereavement group Beverly attended. Elliot was completely unaware that Beverly had a secret life, where she pretended her sister was dead.

Elliot asks how her sister died, and the stranger mentions something to do with water. Before the final identity swap, Beverly had told Elliot about a fake memory she had, involving the twins getting separated while swimming in a lake when they were ten years old. Maybe Beverly told Elliot this story as a way of confessing to her double life?

Elliot decides to rejoin the bereavement group, either to keep up appearances or as a way of dealing with her sister’s death on her own terms.

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