Dead Ringers Season 1 Episodes 5 and 6 Recap – How Does Beverly Save Elliot?

By Adam Lock
Published: April 21, 2023 (Last updated: March 7, 2024)
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Dead Ringers Season 1 Episodes 5 and 6 Recap
Dead Ringers Season 1 (Credit - Amazon Prime Video)


Pitched with a creepy, ominous tone, this gripping penultimate episode finally delivers some genuine real-world consequences for our revolutionary twins after their criminal acts. This installment also features many shocking twists and more complex drama to enjoy.

The twins (Rachel Weisz) head to the Deep South to open a second birthing center in Dead Ringers Season 1 Episode 5. Joining Beverly and Elliot on this adventure is a cut-throat journalist who is writing an article specifically on the twins. Of course, their launch goes terribly wrong as the warring twins’ selfish antics lead to brutal consequences. As part of this article, I also recap Episode 6, and detail the ending.

Dead Ringers Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

Who is Silas Jordan?

Both twins look to be on good terms as they embark upon their flight to Alabama. Beverly looks further along in her pregnancy, and Elliot’s resentment seems to have disappeared for the time being.

Writer Silas Jordan joins them for this flight aboard Rebecca’s private jet. He will be writing an in-depth article on the twins. Silas suffers from writer’s block and has a scandalous past of his own.

He questions them on the journey, asking Elliot about her battles with addiction and if the twins are overwhelmed by their demanding businesses. Elliot admits she was hallucinating and had a full-blown breakdown, but she’s much happier now.

They announce they will raise Beverly’s twins together now that Genevieve is out of the picture.

The twins and Silas will stay with Susan and her family in Alabama. Susan’s family is led by her father, Doctor Marion (Michael McKean), and consists of many other identical twins.

Marion’s daughter Florence is expecting quadruplets and is having a C-section the following day—an operation with which the twins will be assisting.

That night they all dine together. Silas stirs things up, prompting debates about abortion and the limits of premature deliveries. Elliot has just helped a woman give birth to a 24-week-old miracle baby, and she talks as if the sky’s the limit with fertility treatment.

As the dinner progresses, the atmosphere slowly turns ugly, with the filmmakers crafting a creepy undertone. Marion tells a gory surgery story, and then Elliot divulges her secrets about the miracle baby to Marion in private.

Flashbacks reveal that Elliot had instigated an illegal, high-risk implantation procedure, impregnating a woman with a four-week-old embryo that Elliot had grown herself.

Beverly vomits during the meal and retires to her bedroom. Further flashbacks show Silas interrogating Beverly at the center about this miracle baby.

He then questions her about Genevieve. Beverly states that she has completely blocked the actress out of her mind.

Why has Silas been canceled?

With Beverly refusing to leave her room, Elliot wanders the halls. She finds Silas drinking alone and joins him for a nightcap. They discuss babies and their drinking habits. Silas has three children, although he is filled with regret about his past, admitting that he slept with his students when he was a professor, leading to this cultural backlash and being canceled. Elliot owns up to sleeping with her patients too.

Elliot drinks in front of Silas and snorts crushed-up pills. Silas asks if Elliot slept with Genevieve, but she refuses to answer. He then asks how Elliot impregnated that woman, who ended up giving birth to a 24-week-old baby, but again, Elliot won’t answer.

Beverly has awful dreams that night and hallucinates, walking in the gardens outside, dreaming that she is covered in blood.

Did Elliot actually kill Agnes?

Meanwhile, back at the twins’ apartment, Greta finishes tidying up. As she walks outside the building, she sees the police cordoning off a crime scene. A man explains the situation to Greta. An old lady has been found dead on the rooftop of a building. It looks like Elliot did kill Agnes, after all.

The next day, Florence is operated on. The twins and Marion assist in her C-section, delivering all four healthy babies without problems. Elliot stares at Beverly as her sister holds one of the babies in her arms, with pure wonder in her eyes.

Elliot loses her concentration and accidentally cuts Florence while operating.

Dead Ringers Season 1 Episode 5 Ending Explained

After the procedure, Rebecca arrives to update everyone on the fallout of this scandalous incident. Rebecca is relieved that it happened in-house and that nobody died.

However, the scandal is now online and spreading fast. Rebecca states that Elliot was her favorite, but they can carry on with just Beverly alone. The business will survive.

In the car outside, Elliot waits for her sister, but Beverly won’t comfort her sibling though. This causes Elliot to have another meltdown in front of Silas. She screams and has a violent outburst. The writer and Elliot eventually leave, while Beverly stays behind.

Near the end of the episode, Beverly phones Genevieve to tell her that she has left Elliot for good and her sister doesn’t exist to her anymore. Rebecca calls Silas to cancel the article, but the writer has been inspired by the Mantle twins, and his writer’s block has been cured.

It would appear that the journalist is hard at work on this life-changing profile now.

Dead Ringers Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Dead Ringers Season 1 Episode 6 (Credit – Prime Video)

After rejecting her sister, Beverly sees Elliot everywhere. She sees her in strangers’ faces and in reflections. Beverly cannot be without her, and the separation is utterly destroying her. At dinner, Rebecca congratulates Beverly on her many successes.

Beverly has launched a successful birthing center, with patients leaving rave reviews. She is to win an award for all her hard work. The lab is publishing world-changing research, and Beverly is soon to have twins.

She should be on top of the world, but Beverly is clearly unhappy and misses her sister dearly.

It’s not all good news, either. Rebecca brings up Silas’ article, which could ruin the careers of everyone at the table. They mention Elliot’s endless list of crimes and scandals.

They were forced to pay off Florence for Elliot’s surgical mistake, and there are even rumors of murder.

How has Rebecca handled Silas and his article?

Rebecca doesn’t mind most of the accusations, which are relatively manageable, but the fact that there are so many worries her. They’ve decided to side with Silas, being unable to scare him off or pay him hush money instead. They even gave him more ammo. Now Rebecca needs Beverly to finish Elliot off, to publicly destroy her.

Before Beverly’s award ceremony, she argues with Genevieve, who has packed for her work trip. The actress is filming in Croatia for four weeks, and Beverly can’t believe she’s going through with it.

Meanwhile, Silas comes across Greta’s art show. The items she stole from the twins’ apartment are used in her installation.

What does Beverly say in her speech?

During the award ceremony, Beverly makes her speech. She says that Elliot is unwell and that her actions cannot be ignored. Elliot is abusive and destructive; some of her actions have even been criminal. Beverly announces that the Mantle Parker Center will have nothing more to do with Elliot.

A drunk Tom argues with Beverly afterward. He believes Beverly could have saved Elliot if she hadn’t abandoned her in the first place. Tom is in awe of Elliot and thinks she did everything for Beverly. She didn’t deserve this fate.

Greta’s art show is a huge success. It is revealed that her mother died just after giving birth to Greta. The show follows a strong theme, exploring birth and parenting. This show helps her to reconnect with her own father.

What has Elliot created?

The next day, Genevieve leaves for her flight, and Beverly continues to search for her missing sister. Eventually, Beverly tracks her down to the labs. Beverly finally sees Elliot’s experiments in person; her two embryos now look like nearly fully-formed babies. Beverly is astounded by Elliot’s work.

Beverly confesses to her sister; she doesn’t think she is capable of ever being truly happy. She believes she got pretty close but cannot be happy without Elliot. Beverly mentions her memories of a boating trip at ten, where they were both separated.

But Elliot replies that this never happened. Although it will have some significance in the final scene.

How does Beverly save Elliot?

The sisters decide to perform the ultimate identity swap. Beverly sacrifices her life so that Elliot can finally be happy, free of her criminal past and public persona. Elliot operates on Beverly, removing two healthy babies. She then dresses like Beverly operates on herself and returns to the birthing center, where she starts to bleed out on the floor.

Meanwhile, Beverly bleeds out and dies in the laboratory.

Dead Ringers Season 1 Ending Explained

When Elliot wakes, she is greeted by Susan and Rebecca, who informs her that the babies are healthy and safe. Elliot (pretending to be Beverly) states that her sister helped her with the operation but has now gone.

In the final moments of the series, Elliot is seen in the park with Genevieve and their babies. A passing stranger recognizes Elliot and talks with her about the bereavement group they were both members of for the past few years.

Elliot is shocked to hear that Beverly had this secret life in which she envisioned her being dead and asks for specific details about the death. The stranger mentions water, which links with the memory Beverly had from when the twins were ten years old.

Beverly decides to rejoin the group now that her sister is dead, possibly as a chance to properly grieve her death or keep up appearances.

What did you think of Dead Ringers Season 1 Episodes 5 and 6, and the ending? Comment below.

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