Dead Ringers Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – what other crime has Elliot committed?

By Adam Lock
Published: April 21, 2023 (Last updated: March 7, 2024)
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Dead Ringers finds its bite again with the most heart-wrenching, dramatic installment yet. This fighting spirit is channeled through a handful of intense sequences as the sisters argue with one another. Again, the series is at its juiciest when the twins are battling one another.

We recap the 2023 Amazon Prime Video series Dead Ringers Season 1 Episode 4, which contains spoilers.

Beverly and Elliot’s parents pay the twins (Rachel Weisz) a visit in this latest brutal offering. The twins show off their impressive achievements and introduce their parents, Alan and Linda Mantle (Kevin McNally and Suzanne Bertish), to their work colleagues and lovers.

Elliot finds God and a new bedfellow after her previous mental breakdown, while Beverly struggles with her latest pregnancy.

Dead Ringers Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

The twins show their parents around their birthing center. The parents are visibly overwhelmed by this modern business venture but are proud of their daughters too.

They’re then introduced to Greta and Genevieve. It’s revealed that the parents haven’t seen their children in over four years. And even after all that time, the siblings soon lose interest in them again.

Elliot is still guilt-ridden after possibly killing a homeless person. She goes to church daily to pray and later confesses to Beverly about murdering Agnes. Meanwhile, Beverly prepares for her first baby with her partner Genevieve.

The parents find their children’s lives to be rather silly and serious, commenting on Greta’s extravagant methods and absurd dedication to her role. They watch one of Genevieve’s performances on TV and are highly impressed by her talent. Elliot’s jealousy soon returns.

Why is Elliot upset with Beverly?

Elliott overhears Beverly and Genevieve discussing another possible miscarriage. Beverly is bleeding and feels numb. Elliot inspects and finds a heartbeat, congratulating the couple on their pregnancy. In secret, Elliot is distraught — her sister has gotten pregnant without her help.

Beverly continues to secretly attend her grief group, where she talks about Elliot as if she is dead. Is this a place for Beverly to live out her fantasies, or does she want some space away from Elliot to feel like her own whole person?

At church, Elliot meets a widower called Nick, who happens to be a politician. They sleep together after just meeting.

The next day, Elliot airs her grievances to Beverly, having caught her sister smoking while pregnant. She believes Beverly is purposely trying to hinder her own pregnancy.

Beverly fights back, teasing Elliot about her own mental breakdown, the murder, and her new lover. Elliot tries to appear sane and happy, but Beverly sees through her lies.

Whose sperm was used in Beverly’s pregnancy?

After this argument, Elliot continues her assault on Beverly back at the apartment. She urges Beverly and Genevieve to tell their parents about the pregnancy. Genevieve informs Elliot that they used her brother Sammy’s sperm for the pregnancy. She then tells Elliot that they are moving out. Upset, Elliot cuddles with her parents in their bed.

The twins’ birthday party follows. Their close friends and co-workers are all in attendance. The meal starts awkwardly but quickly descends into utter chaos. Both twins are still agitated from their argument, acting rude to one another, their guests, and their parents.

Elliot flirts with her new man, Nick, and lets many of the twins’ secrets slip.

What secrets does Elliot reveal?

Elliot tells her parents that Beverly is pregnant, and then she tells Genevieve that she was the one who kissed the actress at the bar that first time. Beverly argues with Joseph and says some nasty remarks of her own to her parents too.

Joseph and Genevieve both storm off. After the meal, the twins’ mother, Linda, tells Beverly that she’ll make a terrible mother, in possibly the most brutal scene in the entire series.

Dead Ringers Season 1 Episode 4 Ending Explained

Throughout this installment, we see flashbacks of how the twins’ parents initially coped and struggled raising twin daughters. It’s an interesting dynamic, exploring two separate generations and their strategies toward parenting. Clearly, Linda’s distant approach had profound effects on her children.

What other crime has Elliot committed?

The episode ends with Elliot showing Tom her latest experiment. She has used Tom’s and Beverly’s DNA to create an embryo, which is now 58 days old. It’s another highly illegal experiment from Elliot that has clearly gotten way out of hand.

She asks Tom for advice. He asks why she has done such a thing. Of course, Elliot has made this baby for her sister out of love.

Beverly discovers that she is having twins.

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