Recap – what happened in Dead Ringers Season 1? (Episodes 1-6)

April 21, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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We recap the 2023 Prime Video series Dead Ringers Season 1 (Episodes 1-6), which contains spoilers as it details what happened.

Prime Video original series Dead Ringers focuses on twin gynecologists Elliot and Beverly Mantle (Rachel Weisz) as they attempt to revolutionize the fertility world in some pretty drastic ways.

The drama follows these two unique and controversial doctors as they juggle hectic work schedules, manic relationships, and their own bitter sibling rivalry. With so much story to explore, here is a breakdown and recap of everything that happened in each episode of Dead Ringers Season 1:

Recap – what happened in Dead Ringers Season 1? (Episodes 1-6)

Episode 1

Elliot and Beverly go about their usual frantic work day, delivering babies and caring for women at Westcott Memorial Hospital. They want to improve the process and pitch their birthing and research center to billionaires Rebecca and Susan Parker. The billionaires are interested, if skeptical.

Beverly treats an actress called Genevieve. She gets flustered and swaps identities with Elliot. Later, Elliot meets up with Genevieve at a bar and kisses her. Elliot says she has seduced Genevieve for Beverly. That night, Beverly takes over and kisses Genevieve for the first time.

The following day, Genevieve discovers that Beverly has an identical twin. She asks if the twins ever swapped. Beverly is madly in love with Genevieve and lies. Beverly refuses to discuss her night with Genevieve, which angers Elliot greatly.

Episode 2

The twins head to Rebecca’s mansion to pitch their business proposal. They dine with other snobbish guests. Elliot is confrontational and playful at the meal, while Beverly is defensive. They are hounded by the guests, who want to make the most money they possibly can from the center.

After the meal, Beverly is kidnapped as part of a game. She loses the plot and shouts at all the guests, refusing to ever work with any of these people. Elliot sleeps with a guest and has a great time in comparison.

Rebecca is impressed with the twins, especially Elliot, and offers them all the money and more for the center. The twins accept Rebecca’s offer. Beverly then attends a grief group, where she pretends that Elliot is dead.

Episode 3

Elliot grows jealous of Beverly’s relationship with Genevieve. The twins launch their first birthing and research center. The board members follow the twins around for the first few days, watching demonstrations and the many different birthing experiences.

Beverly is attacked by a protester, but the first day is a success otherwise. They celebrate that night at Genevieve’s wrap party. Elliot persuades Beverly to swap identities, but Genevieve sees through it and tells Elliot to stop.

Genevieve wants to have babies with Beverly, but the twin has had many miscarriages before and is apprehensive. Genevieve organizes a weekend away for Beverly. This is the first time that the twins will have been this far apart. They both struggle with the separation.

Elliot has a breakdown without Beverly and throws a destructive house party. She argues with a homeless person and pushes them off her balcony. Elliot panics, but she can’t find the body.

Episode 4

The twins’ parents come to visit, take a tour of the facilities, and stay at their apartment. Elliot turns to religion and starts to pray every day, while Genevieve and Beverly try to get pregnant without Elliot’s help. Elliot is heartbroken to discover that her sister got pregnant in secret.

Elliot then hears Genevieve and Beverly are moving into a new home together. Worried about this drastic separation, Elliot tries to ruin Beverly’s life. She tells their parents that Beverly is pregnant and that she was the one who kissed Genevieve first. Genevieve leaves feeling betrayed. Beverly continues the self-sabotage, arguing with her work colleagues and her parents too.

Elliot shows Tom her latest experiment. She’s created an illegal embryo. Beverly then discovers that she is having twins.

Episode 5

The twins travel to Alabama to open a second center. They are followed by journalist Silas Jordan, who is writing an article on the twins. Elliot boasts about delivering a 24-week-old baby, which she illegally grew as an embryo.

It is revealed that Genevieve has left Beverly. The twins will raise Beverly’s children together.

Elliot gets drunk and snorts drugs with Silas before a C-section operation. During the surgery, Elliot is distracted and accidentally injures the patient. Thankfully all the babies and the mother survive. The investors are trying to defuse this scandal, which is trending online.

Beverly sides with the others and rejects Elliot. She calls Genevieve to tell her that she has finally left Elliot. Rebecca orders Silas not to write the article, but he starts it anyway.

Episode 6

Elliot goes missing after the Alabama incident. Beverly is forced to distance herself from Elliot as Silas’ article is ready to be published. They were unable to silence Silas and decided to side with him instead.

Beverly wins an award and makes a speech, outing Elliot as a criminal, to protect herself and the business. Tom is angry that she has betrayed her sister, though.

Beverly finds Elliot at the lab, where her sister has illegally grown twin embryos from Beverly and Tom’s DNA. Beverly is amazed by these creations but realizes they are both in serious trouble. Beverly says she cannot be happy, even though she has tried all her life and practically achieved everything she ever wanted.

The twins perform the ultimate identity swap. Elliot performs a C-section, delivering Beverly’s twins. She then cuts herself and changes her hairstyle, transforming into Beverly. The real Beverly bleeds out and dies in the lab. Whilst Elliot is rescued in the birthing center and takes on Beverly’s identity.

Elliot discovers that Beverly attended a bereavement group, pretending her sister was dead. Elliot decides to join the group now that her sister has actually died.

That is the full story recap of what happened in the Prime Video series Dead Ringers 1 (Episodes 1-6). What are your thoughts on the story? Please comment below.

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