One More Time Ending Explained – What Does Amelia learn?

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: April 21, 2023
One More Time Ending Explained - What Does Amelia learn?

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film One More Time and will contain spoilers.

When it comes to a time-loop storyline there are films that do it well because they had more information as the film goes on. The protagonist will try and fix their life back then with the knowledge they gained as they grew older. However, once they realize that it was all a rite of passage to make them learn and grow into the person they become, then everything that happened doesn’t matter.

The time loop can get exhausting to watch but sometimes it takes a fun cast and a good director to set a different tone to the generic gimmick. In One More TimeAmelia heads back to 2002 and wants to relive how special 18 felt. It was important for her to see what life was like before she got older and lost herself.

It’s interesting to see these characters go back to a time when they thought they had everything and they wished to stay in that little world. As we grow older it’s hard to accept that we can’t ever go back to certain moments and we just have the memories to hold onto. Over years those memories may be skewed but it’s still something.

One More Time ending explained

What does Amelia learn in the time loop?

After going through multiple 24 hours on the same day, Amelia realizes that she wasn’t meant to fix anything for herself but more so fix the relationship she had. She had two close friends; Moa and Fiona, but only one of them really stood by her. Amelia didn’t understand why Fiona broke the friendship or why they didn’t stay friends.

Amelia was very popular and Fiona could see that she did not fit in her life, so naturally the more Amelia went into the popular world, Fiona faded into the background. The one moment that was on repeat was Fiona performing at the talent show and when everyone would leave the auditorium. Until one time-loop day when Amelia marched on stage and stood up for Fiona. Fiona played a beautiful set and that altered their relationship.

Amelia did learn that the relationships with people who see you for who you are instead of who you’re pretending to be out of popularity are the ones to keep.

How does Amelia spend her birthday?

After going through the popularity cycle over and over again, Amelia realizes that she took all of her relationships for granted. It isn’t until she goes to Fiona’s birthday party and the time loop is broken after getting hit by a truck that she needs to take the time to mend the relationships she forgot about.

Her 40th birthday really did change her perspective and it’s important that she starts from scratch and stay with her parents for a little while. She knows that she won’t have them for long and that time is really passing her by.

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