One More Time Review – lighthearted and fun throwback to the 2000s

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: April 21, 2023
One More Time review - lighthearted and fun throwback to the 2000s


A film that will make you rethink your current life and force you to appreciate everything that has happened to you since you were 18.

This review of the Netflix film One More Time does not contain spoilers.

When it comes to a time-loop storyline there are films that do it well because they had more information as the film goes on. The protagonist will try and fix their life back then with the knowledge they gained as they grew older. However, once they realize that it was all a rite of passage to make them learn and grow into the person they become, then everything that happened doesn’t matter.

One More Time review and plot summary

The time loop can get exhausting to watch but sometimes it takes a fun cast and a good director to set a different tone to the generic gimmick. In One More Time, Amelia heads back to 2002 and wants to relive how special 18 felt. It was important for her to see what life was like before she got older and lost herself.

It’s interesting to see these characters go back to a time when they thought they had everything and they wished to stay in that little world. As we grow older it’s hard to accept that we can’t ever go back to certain moments and we just have the memories to hold onto. Over years those memories may be skewed but it’s still something.

Is One More Time good or bad?

If you’re a fan of 13 Going On 30 then this film is right up your alley. It is a very cute and wholesome throwback to 2002 and the millennials will appreciate the nostalgia. The important thing with films that handle time loops is that they must recapture the authenticity of the era and One More Time does it so well.

The one choice that is greatly appreciated is that of director Jonatan Etzler cast adults as 18-year-olds which makes the most sense. They are playing teenagers who are having intimate moments so since there wasn’t a tie to their 18-year-old selves, this really worked.

Is One More Time worth watching?

It is a light-hearted comedy that will definitely lift your spirits and make you appreciate the life that you have right now. It’s important to not take the time you have with people for granted and the more Amelia relives the same day over and over again, she begins to preach to others.

Sometimes people do need reminders of how great they are and Amelia misses being wanted by so many people. Her 40-year-old self doesn’t understand how everything could go south for her and she wants to stay in this loop forever.

What really works in this film is that it feels so much like 2002 and the nostalgia is probably the best thing about this. From the fashion to the song choices, everything about it screams the early 2000s. Going back to the fashion of 2002 is probably the funniest thing because of the wild choices people would make. It was a different time entirely and the younger generation that watches this can appreciate how fun and punk it was.

One More Time is a sweet film that will have you rethink your present life and how much has changed from being 18.

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