Full Circle Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – how is Sam involved in the scandal?

By Adam Lock
Published: July 20, 2023 (Last updated: March 20, 2024)
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Max series Full Circle Season 1 Episode 4 Recap


The story continues to build momentum in episode four, although many plot points remain frustratingly vague and unresolved. This ambiguity is both enticing and infuriating in equal amounts.

We recap the Max series Full Circle Season 1 Episode 4, “Safe in the Circle,” which contains significant spoilers.

Mrs. Mahabir (CCH Pounder) is convinced that there is a curse upon her family. To break this curse, she has followed the Obeah rituals of Guyana, which involve the symbolic forming of a full circle, hence the show’s title. When Mrs. Mahabir is informed of the botched kidnapping, she must start the process all over again.

Full Circle Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Jared’s grave is finally dug up, and the criminals quickly discover the dummy in Jared’s place. Garmen updates Mrs. Mahabir on this troubling development. She suspects Natalia and asks Garmen to find the traitor and her brother immediately.

Garmen delegates this job to Aked, whose fiancee has betrayed them all. Aked quickly finds Natalia’s location and drives over to their motel room.

At the same time, Natalia gets in contact with Eloise. They pack up and leave. Aked arrives moments later, just missing them.

Natalia is pinning all her hopes on Eloise, who works for Mrs. Mahabir’s rivals, the Chungs. She enters their base and is subsequently frisked. Natalia asks Edward Chung for help getting back to Guyana.

She offers dirt on Mrs. Mahabir in return for a safe trip home.

Why does Edward Chung help his enemies?

Mr. Chung is happy to help, yet it’s all just a trap. He phones Garmen, telling his enemy of Natalia’s location. Mr. Chung adds that he wants to return $62.5k, exactly half of the money he took from Quincy when he killed him. Mr. Chung believes that Quincy was stealing from his own family and their company too. Mr. Chung clearly wants to form a truce with this money and this information.

While Mr. Chung is betraying Natalia, Eloise strongly hints at the coming danger. She practically orders Natalia to run away. And that is exactly what Natalia does.

She escapes, taking Louis and Nicky to another motel.

Louis and Natalia are out of options, so they finally contact Jared’s parents. They get through to Sam instantly and ask for the ransom money.

Sam doesn’t know how to proceed, but she decides to own up in the end. She tells them that the boy they have is not Jared. They have the wrong person.

In another scene, Harmony continues her sleuthing, digging into the lies of Sam this time around. She’s uncovered Derek’s dirty little secret and wants to expose Sam next.

Harmony meets with Sam, mentioning the colony at Essequibo and the high-end condo complex that began construction in 2002.

Harmony has also discovered that Detective Gene McCusker was forced into retirement around the same time. Sam won’t play ball, so Harmony brings up Charisse. Sam orders her to leave.

Why does Sam leave Derek?

After Sam has dealt with Harmony and then Louis’s odd phone call, she talks with her husband. Derek is elated that Nicky is still alive and then confesses to his lies. Derek admits to having a 16-year-old son. Sam is hurt by this betrayal and leaves, packing to stay with her parents.

Suspiciously, after her conversation with Sam, Manny drops Harmony a phone call. He warns her that she is going too far and overstepping her boundaries.

Because of this call, Harmony has proof that Sam and Manny are linked, realizing that her own boss is involved in all this as well.

How does Manny fight back?

Manny panics and sends off a psych evaluation form stating that Harmony has a borderline personality disorder. He wants to undermine Harmony’s theories to save himself. Harmony is none the wiser; she follows Aked and arrests Xavier when she has the chance. Her star informant, Xavier, is put up in a fancy hotel and tagged with an ankle bracelet.

Elsewhere, Derek digs into Jeff’s finances. He’s discovered Jeff’s dodgy bank transactions. It appears Gene was arrested for aiding and abetting just after Jeff’s last deposit. He seems to be involved in the Essequibo debacle too.

Full Circle Season 1 Episode 4 Ending Explained

Harmony is just about getting to the same conclusions herself. She tracks down Gene McCusker and sends Manny a warning message.

Gene admits to making a mistake, which is likely linked to Jeff’s money problems. But thinks that Jeff turned him in. Out of loyalty, Gene refuses to hand over any proof to Harmony.

The detective respects this silence and leaves after a handshake.

How is Sam involved in the scandal?

Manny worries that Sam is in danger, so they meet at the park. He urges her to stay silent, to do nothing. It’s revealed that the business’ funding came from corruption and bribes. Sam buried key evidence in the Guyana case and then later destroyed it completely.

The episode ends with Paul and Len turning up at Xavier’s hotel room. They’re concerned that Xavier is a snitch or that he has been caught and aim to silence him.

The ankle bracelet confirms their suspicions. Xavier begs to be taken to Garmen so that he can explain himself to the boss in person.

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