Full Circle Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – who are Nicky’s parents?

By Adam Lock
Published: July 20, 2023
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Max series Full Circle Season 1 Episode 3 Recap


“Jared’s Body” continues to be cryptic and confusing, yet there is space for some surprising plot twists as a couple of the elaborate mysteries start to unravel. There is a detailed and impressive structure to all this; it’s frustrating at times to see the bigger picture when watching from the outside.

We recap the Max series Full Circle Season 1 Episode 3, “Jared’s Body,” which contains significant spoilers.

The kidnapping may be over, but the corruption and backstabbing are only just getting started. Episode three, “Jared’s Body,” focuses on the fallout of the kidnapping, as Jared’s (Ethan Stoddard) parents try to cover their own backs while Aked (Jharrel Jerome) grows suspicious of his new recruits.

Full Circle Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Why is Louis acting suspiciously?

Aked watches as Louis and Xavier bury the bodies of Keesen and Jared. Of course, Louis is fully aware that the bag containing Jared’s corpse actually only holds a dummy within it. He makes sure that he is the only one moving and burying the body, although this activity makes him look even more suspicious.

After disposing of the bodies, they return home. Aked is concerned because his fiancee Natalia is refusing to answer any of his calls. Meanwhile, Xavier grows suspicious of Louis and his erratic behavior at the burial site.

Natalia isn’t answering Aked’s calls because she is with Nicky. She saved the boy from certain death, but now she doesn’t know what to do with him. Trapped together in a motel room, Natalia questions Nicky, who she still believes is Jared. Nicky happily keeps up this lie.

Later, Louis visits them both in the motel. He apologizes for the kidnapping. Natalia speaks privately with Louis. She doesn’t trust Nicky. What he says doesn’t add up; something isn’t quite right.

Louis considers instigating another kidnapping, using Nicky to gain the ransom money, but Natalia has other options. A friend of hers may be able to get them out of the country without passports.

Why does Harmony join the task force?

Elsewhere, Harmony is finally officially brought in on the Guyana case. Her intel was correct, and she has an informant working on the inside; she is now a valuable asset. Manny is impressed and liaises with the FBI, who want in. A task force is created, and Harmony is brought in to help them out.

Their first task is to question Jared’s parents. Instantly, Harmony is suspicious of these two. She thinks Derek has a connection with Nicky and that Sam has some connection to Guyana.

Afterward, Harmony researches these probable connections, finding the name Gene McCusker to be of specific interest.

Sam’s uncle, Detective Gene McCusker, was involved in an internal investigation that links the family to the country of Guyana. Harmony asks Manny for further information.

Manny admits that he knew of Gene, who is Jeff’s brother, but he decided not to mention it before. Harmony is perplexed by this massive connection and Manny’s odd behavior.

Of course, Manny is keeping this all a secret because he is also involved in the Guyana case. He meets with Sam, who has been trying to reach him for a while now.

They vaguely skirt around the topic of Guyana. It seems to be a case from 20 years ago. Sam was also involved either as a witness, an informant, or as a source but has avoided being named in the case so far.

Who are Nicky’s parents?

Next, Harmony and the task force interview Miss Henrikson, who claims to be Nicky’s mother. She explains how her son has gone missing. Right away, Harmony figures it out. Nicky’s father is Derek Browne, and his mother is Charisse Henrikson.

Charisse admits that she was being paid to keep quiet about Derek’s illegitimate son. She adds that Nicky is obsessed with his biological father, even though they have never officially met. Harmony asks to stay in contact with Charisse.

Derek is scared that his secrets are about to be uncovered. He meets with his lawyer to form a battle strategy and then tracks down Charisse himself. She wants to know exactly what is going on as well as everyone else does.

Full Circle Season 1 Episode 3 Ending Explained

Near the end of the episode, Sam meets with her Uncle Gene. Sam needs to know if he was somehow involved in the kidnapping. Gene is offended that Sam would accuse him of this crime. He, too, makes vague statements about the past, inferring that he lost his job because of Jeff and the Guyana debacle. It would seem that he covered for his brother, maybe because Jeff was caught up in some financial corruption.

In the final scene, Aked contemplates Louis and Natalia’s sudden disappearance. He thinks back to the night before, remembering Louis’s odd behavior at the burial site. He eventually figures it out, Jared isn’t dead, and he is most definitely not buried in the forest.

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