Full Circle Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – why did Mrs. Mahabir want the boy killed?

July 13, 2023 (Last updated: July 20, 2023)
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Max series Full Circle Season 1 Episode 2 Recap


“Charger” is purposely confusing, crafting manic energy as the many subplots intertwine. This helps to build a palpable tension as the many moving parts merge for the final handover. And again, the filmmakers relish in this frenzied tone, as nothing goes according to plan.

We recap the Max series Full Circle Season 1 Episode 2, “Charger,” which contains spoilers.

The season premiere of Full Circle was purposely confusing, and so is the second installment.

In this follow-up episode, the criminals continue their plan, sending Derek (Timothy Olyphant) on a wild goose chase around New York, leading to the final meeting spot.

Unfortunately, Derek’s phone cuts out along the way.

Full Circle Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

After watching the video of Aked torturing Nicky, Jeff, and his family contemplate their next move. Jeff wants to involve the police, but they all agree that they cannot risk this stranger’s life by defying the kidnapper’s demands.

Jared is taken with Jeff’s go-to guy Joey to a safe location while Derek and Jeff pick up the casino money.

Jeff realizes that the money the criminals have demanded equals the specific number of pi, another reference to circles.

On the drive to their rendezvous point with the casino execs, Jeff worries about who he has upset in the past and who would want retribution.

They pick up the cash without any hiccups. Jeff heads back to Sam’s place while Derek follows further instructions, driving aimlessly around New York with the bags of cash.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Mahabir’s second-in-command, Garmen, has found Harmony’s contact card. He’s worried that one of the recruits is a mole working in secret for the police. Mrs. Mahabir isn’t too fussed by this development.

She asks for the leak to be resolved, but the mission is to carry on regardless.

Who is Victor?

Garmen is frustrated that his boss is keeping information from him. Different individuals have been told different instructions. Garmen decides to take back control. He brings in hired assassin Victor to help out.

Meanwhile, Aked is losing his cool inside the van; nothing is going to plan. Garmen arrives to restore some stability and take out the mole.

They suspect another Guyana recruit called Keesen. Victor shoots Keesen dead without hesitation. They are surprised to find no wire on the recruit, though. Garmen updates Aked on the change of plan. Aked can’t believe that they are heading into a crowded park.

Derek is then told to head to lower Manhattan, but his phone is dying. He fears that he’ll run out of charge before they reveal the final location.

Derek frantically buys himself a phone charger and awaits further instructions. The charger doesn’t work, though, and Derek’s phone drops down to one percent.

When does Derek’s phone cut out?

Panicked, Aked reveals the final location; they are to meet at Washington Square Park. Derek’s phone cuts out just before he can receive any specific details about the park itself, though. He manically legs it over to the final destination.

Elsewhere, Inspector Harmony decides to follow up on her tip-off, and she makes her way to the park. This rogue behavior has caused friction between her and her girlfriend Carol. Then her boss Manny is demanding that she leaves the stakeout immediately. Eventually, Harmony listens and aborts her own mission.

The criminals finally arrive at the park. Louis is ordered to ride a cargo bike containing Nicky into a chalk circle.

Natalia arrives with a similar cargo bike containing the dummy she had stolen from earlier as a decoy. Louis and Natalia swap bikes with the aim of saving Nicky’s life.

Louis rides the bike to a chalk circle found within the park. Victor and Xavier meet him there too. Victor shoots what he thinks is the boy contained inside the box at the front of the bike. Derek is too late.

He sits on a park bench, utterly dejected. His phone had cut out, and he’s missed the drop-off.

Aked is handed the body and ordered to dump the two corpses (Keesen and Jared) in a specific location. Sam runs to the park to find Derek, who is visibly shell-shocked after the events that have just transpired. He blames himself for the failure of the trade-off and the death of a boy.

Why did Mrs. Mahabir want the boy killed?

The episode concludes with Mrs Mahabir’s party. She’s been informed that the plan has worked perfectly and is celebrating her victory. Garmen is confused by all the events and speaks with Mrs. Mahabir in private. She seems unhinged, talking of the need to complete the circle and lift the curse. Mrs Mahabir believes that by killing the boy, she has undone a curse within her family.

Full Circle Season 1 Episode 2 Ending Explained

Sam and Derek disclose all the details of the night to the police. Then they return home, mentally and physically exhausted. They find Jeff ranting about all the good he has done with his empire. The celebrity chef is still angry that they targeted him in the first place.

He selfishly ignores Derek’s trauma. The dad fears that a boy is dead because of him. Sam tries to comfort Derek, stating that he did all he could to help. The night’s events will weigh heavily on Derek’s mind, possibly changing him forever more.

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