Where was Full Circle filmed? Locations Explained

July 18, 2023 (Last updated: July 21, 2023)
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Where was the series Full Circle filmed – a breakdown of filming locations

Where was Full Circle filmed? We discuss the 2023 Max series and the filming locations used by the production crew.

There’s a botched kidnapping and an ensemble cast of complex characters all weaving in and out of the story that unfolds in Steven Soderbergh’s complex thriller Full Circle.

The 2023 Max series, created and written by Ed Solomon, stars Claire Danes and Timothy Olyphant and is a limited series that started filming in September of 2022.

The series so far has received some positive reviews, but there has been some criticism about the complexities of the storytelling and the way the narrative is delivered, so it requires the viewer to watch carefully and be aware of the settings and dialogue; this is not a show to watch while you are doing the laundry.

The kidnapping essentially opens Pandora’s box of hidden secrets and family betrayals, and the investigation digs into the past, revealing glimpses of the secrets that the families are keeping.

However, this is only one strand of the story, and as events unfold, we see there is more at stake than once suspected.

The series reunites Solomon and Soderbergh; they previously worked together on the similarly complex series Mosaic, so if you were a fan of that, you should find time to give Full Circle a go.

As far as reviews go, you can see what we thought of the series right here on Ready Steady Cut, and we have complete recaps of every episode for you to read.

However, with the locations of the show playing a pivotal part in the story, this short article is here to answer the question, where was Full Circle filmed?

Where was the series Full Circle filmed – a breakdown of filming locations

New York City, New York

There are basically two main locations for the series, and the narrative jumps between them.

For the US filming, the crew made sure that they could film in New York, where the events take place.

If you have a story set in Manhattan, there really is no reason why you would not shoot there.

Audiences are so familiar with areas of the city that it is essential that you include as many recognizable landmarks as you can in the process.

Location spotters like to be able to pinpoint those outdoor shoots, and there are a few in this production that should be easy to see.

It’s worth noting that Soderbergh himself has an office in Manhattan, so he is very familiar with the locations in and around the area.

Georgetown, Guyana

With the filming split between two very different locations, the production once again needed to deliver on the authenticity of the story, and had no doubts about setting up production in Guyana, to sell the events of the story,

Landmark spotting is going to be a little more difficult here, but you can see the Stabroek Market being used for some scenes within the show, and the Stabroek Market Clock is visible, validating this locale.

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