‘Full Circle’ Filming Locations, Detailed Review and Plot Summary Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: July 18, 2023 (Last updated: March 27, 2024)
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'Full Circle' Filming Locations, Detailed Review and Plot Summary Explained
Claire Danes and Zazie Beetz in Full Circle Season 1 - Image Courtesy of HBO Max.

There’s a botched kidnapping and an ensemble cast of complex characters all weaving in and out of the story that unfolds in Steven Soderbergh’s complex thriller Full Circle. The 2023 Max series, created and written by Ed Solomon, stars Claire Danes and Timothy Olyphant and is a limited series that started filming in September of 2022. However, the filming locations are a vocal point of the show, with viewers wondering where it was filmed.

Where was the series Full Circle filmed – a breakdown of filming locations

New York City, New York

There are basically two main locations for the series, and the narrative jumps between them.

For the US filming, the crew made sure that they could film in New York, where the events take place.

If you have a story set in Manhattan, there really is no reason why you would not shoot there.

Audiences are so familiar with areas of the city that it is essential that you include as many recognizable landmarks as you can in the process.

Location spotters like to be able to pinpoint those outdoor shoots, and there are a few in this production that should be easy to see.

It’s worth noting that Soderbergh himself has an office in Manhattan, so he is very familiar with the locations in and around the area.

Georgetown, Guyana

With the filming split between two very different locations, the production once again needed to deliver on the authenticity of the story, and had no doubts about setting up production in Guyana, to sell the events of the story,

Landmark spotting is going to be a little more difficult here, but you can see the Stabroek Market being used for some scenes within the show, and the Stabroek Market Clock is visible, validating this locale.

Full Circle Season 1 Review and Plot Summary

Boasting an insane cast of talented veterans and rising stars, this intricate narrative is spread over many subplots, featuring a dizzying ensemble cast. All these complex characters are connected by one traumatic event though, the kidnapping of a celebrity’s grandson.

The boy in question, Jared, is the son of Derek (Timothy Olyphant) and Sam Browne (Claire Danes), parents who both work for Sam’s celebrity chef father, Jeff McCusker (Dennis Quaid – sporting creepy glasses and a ponytail no less) and his soaring media empire.

They are informed that their son has been kidnapped, and a ransom is swiftly requested. Rogue detective Harmony (Zazie Beetz) is tasked with finding the connection between this very specific kidnapping and a criminal organization with strong ties to Guyana.

Leading this criminal organization is the mysterious Mrs. Mahabir (CCH Pounder), who brings in inexperienced foot soldiers from Guyana to do her dirty work.

She’s spurred on by grief and a dwindling grasp of reality. Her new recruits are led by Mrs. Mahabir’s nephew, Aked (Jharrel Jerome), who wants to prove himself to his tyrannical auntie.

All these interconnecting stories ultimately merge with one another in the crime saga’s gripping finale.

Is Full Circle Season 1 worth watching?

Full Circle is a tense and twisty crime thriller that features an impressive line-up both in its cast and its crew. Yet it never quite reaches the heady heights of Soderbergh’s best work or that of anyone else involved, either.

The confusing and cryptic script eventually makes sense, ending with a satisfying final episode, but the journey there isn’t always of the same quality.

Soderbergh brings his distinct camera work to the small screen, too, favoring queasy handheld shots and gritty close-ups for added realism. Once you adjust to this unique stylistic choice, the experience washes over you, providing an authenticity that matches the criminal story perfectly.

There are some intriguing performances within the narrative as well. No one really gets a chance to shine amongst this ensemble cast, but Zazie Beetz is given space to try out a quirky, unique role, and rising star Adia (The Midnight Club), who plays Natalia, is also one to watch out for.

Full Circle is purposely confusing at times, which can be frustrating. While Soderbergh whips up a frenzied atmosphere via this ambiguity and mounting pressure. This leads to much suspense and many plot twists throughout, but it may lose viewers along the way.

That being said, if you do stick with this miniseries to the very end, there are plenty of rewards to be enjoyed in the finale.

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