Full Circle Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – who is JM?

By Adam Lock
Published: July 27, 2023 (Last updated: January 31, 2024)
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Max series Full Circle Season 1 Episode 5 recap


“Loyalty” is a shorter installment, lining up a promising finale. The puzzle pieces are all starting to fall into place as the task force prepares to raid Mrs Mahabir’s home.

We recap the Max series Full Circle Season 1 Episode 5, “Loyalty,” which contains significant spoilers.

The Max original miniseries Full Circle draws closer to its concluding chapter with episode five, “Loyalty.”

In this penultimate installment, the puzzle pieces finally fall into place. The task force prepares for a raid on Mrs. Mahabir’s (CCH Pounder) establishment while Natalia (Adia) and Louis (Gerald Jones) try to get rid of their hostage.

Full Circle Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

Harmony is informed of the impending raid in the opening scene. Their informant from the casino, Ron Cuneo, has updated them on Mrs. Mahabir’s current circumstances. She plans on closing up shop, so they have to act now or never.

While Harmony discusses her imminent suspension, she is alerted to Xavier’s movements. He has tried to remove the ankle monitor. She calls Xavier’s phone and then his hotel room number, but there is no answer from either.

Panicked, she bolts from the meeting. In the hotel room, Harmony finds the ankle bracelet removed on the floor, but nothing else.

Xavier has been taken to meet with Garmen. The crime organization is aware of Xavier’s treachery and wants answers. Xavier confesses to everything.

He was arrested by a rogue cop; she has information on everyone and has clearly been stalking the key players in the group for quite some time now.

What is Garmen’s plan?

Garmen is unsure whether he can trust Xavier or what he is saying. To prove his honesty and his loyalty, Xavier phones Louis. His old pal confesses to replacing Nicky with a dummy, he also admits to meeting with Edward Chung, their rivals. Garmen needs $60k from the traitors, promising to let them all escape with him on his plane that night if they pull through with the money.

In the third subplot, Jeff goes to see his estranged brother Gene. They had fallen out twenty years ago when Jeff turned on Gene, and they haven’t spoken since.

Jeff denies any wrongdoing in the present. Gene confronts Jeff about his lies, showing him a transcript from an interview with Manny.

Jeff, who is quite forgetful these days, denies turning on Gene or ever interviewing with Manny. The transcript is heavily redacted but uses Jeff McCusker’s initials (JM) repeatedly. Jeff continues to deny his involvement, though, and then his wife Kristin figures it out.

Who is JM?

Their daughter Sam used to go by her official name of Jolene, which would explain the initials: JM, she was Jolene McCusker. It was Sam who spoke with Manny, it was Jeff’s own daughter who turned on the celebrity chef. Gene had blamed Jeff for all that time, but it was Sam that was the culprit.

Gene and Jeff hug one another, finally burying the hatchet after two decades of bitter rivalry. They go out for a meal to celebrate. Meanwhile, Sam kicks out Derek for good after his affair. Derek is forced to spend the night at a hotel.

Why is Harmony taken off the case?

Harmony returns after finding her informant, Xavier has gone missing. She is then informed that she will be suspended following her psych evaluation and multiple accusations of domestic incidents. Even her ex-girlfriend has put in a complaint against her. Harmony is distraught to be off the case and pending investigation.

Meanwhile, Aked picks up Quincy’s stolen money from Edward Chung’s guys. He’s also handed Natalia’s phone. Aked uses this phone to track down his ex-fiancee’s current location.

Natalia is busy tracking Derek though. They only have a few hours to get some ransom money from him before their flight leaves.

Louis, Natalia, and Nicky follow Derek to his hotel. They then force their way into his hotel room. They ask for $60k in return for keeping Derek’s secret silent.

Derek isn’t bothered, though, announcing that his secret is already out there in the world anyway.

Nicky tries to run but is dragged back into the room by Louis. Then Aked arrives at the suite with a loaded gun. He beats Derek and then points the weapon at Natalia.

He’s about to shoot her when Louis retaliates. They tussle, and Aked fires his weapon. A few shots hit the tiled walls, and one lands in Aked’s chest. Aked has been shot with his own gun.

Full Circle Season 1 Episode 5 Ending Explained

Derek orders Natalia and Louis to flee. He then phones the police. Nicky is treated for a ricochet wound and taken to the hospital. Derek is unable to fill out Nicky’s paperwork, even though he is his father.

With no other options, Natalia suggests that they steal Sam’s expensive painting and use that as a bargaining tool so they can get on the flight home. Xavier runs it by Garmen, but he is far too stressed to agree to this harebrained scheme.

The episode ends with Ron Cuneo preparing for his involvement in the raid. He will be going in undercover, hoping to aid in the arrests of Mrs Mahabir and her associates. He is hooked up with a wire.

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