Full Circle Season 1 Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explained

By Adam Lock
Published: July 27, 2023 (Last updated: January 31, 2024)
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Max series Full Circle Season 1 Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explained


Full Circle concludes with a satisfying and suspenseful finale. The story wraps up perfectly, and all the many plot holes finally make sense. This intricate and impressive narrative finally pays off in the final installment.

We recap the Max series Full Circle Season 1 Episode 6, “Essequibo,” which contains spoilers and explains the Ending.

You’ll be happy to hear that the complex plot of Full Circle is wrapped up neatly and satisfyingly in the season finale “Essequibo.”

The task force completes its raid of Mrs. Mahabir’s (CCH Pounder) mansion while Harmony (Zazie Beetz) digs deeper into the Guyana case, and the entire conspiracy is unraveled.

Full Circle Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Let’s start with the raid itself. Mrs. Mahabir is desperate to banish the curse once and for all. She gathers all the usual suspects and positions them into a large circle.

The task force’s informant Ron Cuneo then arrives. He’s after names and details. Ron does a terrible job though, talking too loudly and acting suspiciously.

Garmen knows the jig is up. He’s organized a seaplane to arrive to take his family back to Guyana before the impending arrest. Ron’s suspicious behavior causes Garmen to move this escape mission forward somewhat.

Who killed Manny?

The ritual begins and the task force kicks into gear, raiding the joint. Garmen escapes out of an upstairs window and is chased back to his home by Manny. Manny calls for back up but nobody responds in time. He enters the home, but he’s shot dead by Garmen.

Next, Garmen and Xavier escape via Garmen’s secret system of tunnels under the house. They make their way to the port and the seaplane. Natalia and Louis are desperate for a seat on this flight. So, they plan on stealing Sam’s painting as payment.

The robbery starts well, Louis infiltrates the building without any hiccups, but Sam won’t take the theft without a fight. She tackles Louis to the ground and grabs her gun from her safe.

Louis can’t remove the painting in time and is faced with her loaded gun.

He pleads with Sam, mentioning how he saved Jared’s life. Sam asks where he is from. Louis explains that he is from Essequibo in Guyana.

This looks like the perfect opportunity for Sam to right her wrongs. She lets Louis leave with the painting, hoping to gain some much-needed karma in return.

Who killed Garmen?

Natalia and Louis make their way to the seaplane. Garmen orders Xavier to kill them on arrival, but Xavier turns on Garmen instead. Garmen is killed by Xavier, who hacks at him with a machete.

Then Xavier practically drags Natalia and Louis onto the plane. He lies to Garmen’s family, saying that Garmen will be coming later. Xavier then hands them all the money.

He decides to stay behind, allowing Natalia and Louis to escape safely back to Guyana. They ditch the painting, leaving it in the long grass.

Recently suspended, Harmony decides to continue her investigation regardless. She tracks down one of Mrs. Mahabir’s apartments.

Inside, she finds the passports of Mr. Willoughy (Mrs. Mahabir’s shaman) and Clarence Joseph (Jeff’s chess pal). These two individuals from Guyana are key to the entire kidnapping scheme.

After finding these vital pieces of the puzzle, Harmony finds Sam at the hospital. She is there to support Derek, who is with Nicky. Harmony takes Sam to one side.

She explains that Manny is dead. Then Harmony talks about Mrs. Mahabir’s dead husband. He was a politician who aided in the development of the Colony at Essequibo.

This development project involved kicking people off their own land and the use of bribes. A man called Clarence Joseph was also kicked off his land, but he refused to leave. In retaliation, his grandson was kidnapped and killed.

Why was the kidnapping so specific?

Clarence orchestrated the entire scheme so that it would mirror his own tragic story. Jared was kidnapped in similar circumstances at a park at the very same time. It was all planned to the smallest detail. This links perfectly with the logic of the curse; they had to recreate the same situation and punish the original perpetrator to remove the curse.

Sam is heartbroken to hear this story and how it relates to her own son’s kidnapping. Her family was part of the problem. Sam confesses that she doesn’t have the evidence anymore. Harmony thinks Gene will have it.

Eventually, Sam plucks up the courage to meet with her uncle. He happily hands her the important documents, although he stresses that this will affect her more than he or her father. Sam wants a clear conscience and accepts the documents.

She apologizes, and they all hug one another.

Full Circle Season 1 Ending Explained

The series ends with Sam asking Harmony what type of sentencing she would be looking at. Harmony thinks up to two years, but it could be less. Sam seems content to hand over the documents and finally put an end to the whole debacle.

We conclude with one final scene, Natalia and Louis return to Guyana. They walk the abandoned condo complex. This highlights the consequences of corruption. Those affected were kicked out of their homes, and for what, just the hollow remains of a half-finished building.

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