The Power Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – what is Ryan’s secret?

By Adam Lock
Published: April 21, 2023 (Last updated: March 26, 2024)
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“Sparklefingers” is an entertaining hour of TV, flitting between multiple storylines at a fast pace. Margot’s own subplot starts to gather some speed, while the slow-building threat of Urbandox feels both sinister and ominous.

We recap the Prime Video series The Power Season 1 Episode 6, “Sparklefingers,” which contains spoilers.

Teenage girls with electrical power, known as EOD (Electric Organ Discharge), also can transfer their powers to older women too, which helped Tatiana (Zrinka Cvitesic) and Margot (Toni Collette) to gain the power in the previous installment.

This new lease on life gives Margot the confidence to succeed at work, although her family continues to fall apart at home.

“Sparklefingers” focuses on Margot’s stressful public and private life, while Roxy (Ria Zmitrowicz) grieves in London, and Tunde (Toheeb Jimoh) reconnects with Ndudi (Heather Agyepong) in Nigeria.

The Power Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

The episode opens with Urbandox rallying the troops on his hugely popular site. This misogynistic, anonymous leader is feeding the male ego, urging the men in the world to take back their power and control.

Margot’s son Matt has already fallen for this ploy, and many others are following Urbandox too.

In Seattle, Margot and Rob are still sleeping in separate beds after their argument. Rob leaked top secret documents behind Margot’s back, which could potentially destroy both of their careers.

Rob trusts Declan, his old friend, who released the documents, but Margot fears this could ruin their lives if it got out.

She may have fallen out with her husband, but otherwise, Margot feels fantastic. Her daughter gave her the EOD powers, and she feels like a new woman ever since.

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Margot rocks new boots and updates Helen at work about the transformation. Helen pleads with her boss not to tell anyone the truth, though.

Women are getting fired for having the power, and Daniel Dandon has now introduced an EOD test that all government staff must legally take. On top of all this, Margot is receiving death threats and dog poo in the mail.

Helen warned her, but the Mayor is angering Urbandox supporters with her honesty and stance on equality.

Does Margot pass the EOD test?

Margot is practically forced to take the EOD test. Helen researches the test online and finds evidence that it can be cheated. It just requires a high pain threshold. Margot agrees to take the test and manages to pass.

Afterward, she tells Daniel that she will be running for Senate, feeling spurred on by this clear attack on women. Outside she unleashes her pent-up anger and pain, vandalizing a park bench.

Rob meets with Declan to discuss the article. Declan promises not to release his source’s name. Rob vents to his old friend, talking about the death threats his family is now receiving.

While they chat, an angry man threatens a barmaid, flashing a taser in her face. Rob and Declan manage to calm the drunk, but it just highlights the frightening power of Urbandox.

What is Ryan’s secret?

Meanwhile, Ryan reveals to Jos that he is intersex but identifies as a male. Ryan also has EOD because of the high estrogen levels in his body. Jos is upset that he kept this a secret from her. Although Ryan acted bravely in telling her the truth.

In Nigeria, Tunde attends a wedding where the groom is having cold feet. The bride has disclosed that they have EOD, and the groom now feels emasculated. Tunde manages to convince the groom to go through with the wedding. While loud noises seem to trigger awful memories for the journalist.

Later he meets with Ndudi. They talk about Saudi Arabia and how it has changed Tunde’s life. Ndudi talks about starting a coalition in Nigeria with hopes of dismantling corruption in the country.

The couple then sleeps together, and Ndudi reveals that she has EOD as well.

Over in London, Roxy grieves her step-brother Terry’s passing. He died from those gunshot wounds. She blames herself for his death and is unsure of her future now.

She argues with Terry’s mother, Barbara, and then with her biological dad Bernie. He orders her to use her powers to scare a client, but Roxy refuses.

What is Margot’s announcement?

Back in Seattle, Margot tries to be a better mother, organizing a meal for the whole family. However, Matt is suspicious of this kind gesture and questions if his parents are getting a divorce.

Margot announces that she is going to run for Senate. Matt says that he won’t be voting for her, spouting out some sexist Urbandox propaganda.

The Power Season 1 Episode 6 Ending Explained

Jos and Margot decide to smoke more weed together after this disastrous meal. Margot tells her daughter about the EOD test and asks Jos to keep her powers a secret. She doesn’t want Rob to know because he is such a terrible liar, and it may affect her campaign.

Jos agrees to keep her mother’s secret.

The episode ends with a press conference, where Margot officially declares she’s running for Senate. An angry Urbandox supporter in the crowd approaches Margot at the podium and sets himself on fire in protest. Urbandox’s influence seems to be growing more powerful by the day.

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