The Power Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – who is Urbandox?

By Adam Lock
Published: April 14, 2023 (Last updated: March 17, 2024)
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The revolution continues to build momentum in “Scarlet Minnow,” exploring Margot’s rise to fame and Tatiana’s backstory. This allows for more intriguing character development and enticing drama, accumulating in an empowering finale.

We recap the Prime Video series The Power Season 1 Episode 5, “Scarlet Minnow,” which contains spoilers.

Spurred on by the protests in Saudi Arabia, women worldwide begin to fight back against their suppressors. “Scarlet Minnow” mainly concentrates on Margot’s family in the States and Tatiana’s in Moldova.

These two families couldn’t be further apart but share many common threads. Most importantly, both main characters want freedom and that electrical power for themselves.

The Power Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

We start off in Moldova, where this new power, called Electric Organ Discharge or EOD, has been banned. If you are caught using EOD, then you are sentenced to death. Citizens are angry with the President’s handling of the matter, and another revolution seems to be on the rise.

Tatiana continues to silently observe the President’s meetings as he instigates a program to remove the skein (the new organ) from female bodies. So far, the procedure has only concluded in more fatalities.

How did Tatiana and Viktor meet?

Via flashbacks, we see how Tatiana and Viktor first met when Tatiana was still a young gymnast training for the Olympics. Viktor asked her out on a date, even though the age gap was criminal. Tatiana was forced into marrying this old politician, and her Olympics dreams were shattered.

Here we get to see why Tatiana is so aggressive toward her mother in the present-day timeline. Her mother forced her into this horrid life in the first place. She wanted a better life for her daughter Tatiana, yet she didn’t seem to care about the emotional damage she was causing.

In modern-day Moldova, Tatiana’s sister Zoia starts a revolution of her own. Zoia and her other trafficked comrades are given the EOD powers by a younger captive and escape from their captors together. Meanwhile, Tatiana demands her stylist transfers her powers over as well. Now both Zoia and Tatiana have the electrical gifts.

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Back in the States, Margot has become a celebrity of sorts and is now seen as the face of the revolution in America. She stood up for female rights and made sure that women across the globe were educated on their new powers.

Tunde interviews Margot about her sudden rise to fame. Margot sees herself as an advocate, fighting for freedom and choice. She mentions her rival, Daniel Dandon, who wants to pass legislation that would force women to register their EOD as a weapon.

Margot is strongly opposed to this legislation. Her advisor Helen cuts the interview short. Worried Margot is acting too recklessly.

Who is Urbandox?

Margot is gaining many threatening enemies because of her outspoken thoughts. One of them is an anonymous misogynist called Urbandox, who has nine million subscribers online. Margot’s own son Matt is even falling for Urbandox’s manipulative, sexist videos. Rob catches Matt watching his videos, and the son defends Urbandox.

While Margot is soaking in the limelight, Rob is struggling both at home and at work. He is asked to help research and create a suppressant that could stop females from using their EOD powers. Rob is vehemently against this research, stating that if the organ is removed, then it would be fatal. He calls it chemical castration.

Who is Declan Blease?

Worried about the consequences of this drug, Rob phones his old friend Declan Blease, who happens to be a journalist. Rob explains the plans to make this new drug, which could easily be entered into the water supply. Rob forwards the research documents to Declan.

Rob and Margot attend an important gathering with other politicians, including Daniel Dandon. Stressed from his horrid day, Rob gets rather drunk. Declan’s article goes live while they are at the party, causing quite a stir. Declan credits his anonymous source, Rob, as the Scarlet Minnow.

The Power Season 1 Episode 5 Ending Explained

Back at home, Rob and Margot argue about this leaked document. Margot can’t believe Rob would jeopardize her career, but the husband is angry with Margot as well. She is too caught up in her own work to care about her husband or her kids. Rob worries that she is distancing herself from reality. As a protest, Rob decides to go on a late-night swim.

Margot apologizes to her daughter Jos about being distant. They decide to smoke weed together, which helps them to bond further. Margot promises Jos that she only went public with her findings to help Jos and her generation, not for her own selfish reasons. Jos believes that her generation doesn’t actually need protecting anymore. She feels empowered by these new abilities; she feels safe for the first time in her life.

The Mayor asks to know what it feels like to be in Jos’ shoes, and she asks for the powers. Jos transfers the EOD over to her mother. Now Margot has the power as well.

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