The Power Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – what happens to Tunde’s footage?

By Adam Lock
Published: March 31, 2023 (Last updated: May 4, 2023)
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The many subplots build momentum in “The World is on F***ing Fire.” It’s another explosive episode, introducing new characters while developing the other storylines. The show zips by quickly, supplying backstory and motives, which help ground this superhero story in some reality.

We recap the Prime Video series The Power Season 1 Episode 2, “The World is on F***ing Fire,” which contains spoilers.

Teenage girls worldwide are starting to discover their new, electrifying powers, leading to much chaos and disruption.

In episode two, aptly titled “The World is on F***ing Fire,” our main cast members grow confident, learning to harness and control their powers. While Tunde’s (Toheeb Jimoh) video goes viral, helping these scared teens to realize that they are not alone in this crazy world anymore.

The Power Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Who is Margot?

The second installment introduces new characters, starting with Margot Cleary-Lopez, the mayor of Seattle. It’s the morning of her twentieth wedding anniversary, and she plans her evening with her husband, Rob.

Downstairs, Jos continues to struggle with her new powers, accidentally setting the microwave on fire. At work, Margot has more fires to put out, some figurative and others literal.

The world is on fire, and Margot faces many burning issues. The city has experienced blackouts and multiple fires in the area. One witness blamed a restaurant fire on a teen, saying she caused the blaze with her fingers.

Margot wonders if there is a connection between the teens and the chaos. She thinks of Jos’ incident from earlier and tries to contact her daughter, but Jos ignores the call.

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Jos is worried about being discovered at school but uses her powers to set off the fire alarm to avoid an exam anyway.

Meanwhile, at Rob’s work, the husband is also starting to join the dots. He meets with a teen called Sarah, who is highly medicated and mentally unstable.

The scars on her arms look like electrical burns, and Rob questions the mother about any previous incidents.

Later that day, Rob drives his daughter Jos home. She accidentally electrocutes her father. At that moment, he realizes that Jos and Sarah are connected. They both have these electrical powers.

Who is Tatiana?

Another new character is Tatiana, the wife of Moldovan President Viktor Moskalev. Flashbacks reveal that she was a successful gymnast in the late nineties but has since become a rich wife instead.

Her mother visits to inform Tatiana that her father has died. The mother is left with nothing and struggles to find work; she begs for some of Tatiana’s wealth.

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However, the daughter refuses to help her mother, stating that this is payback for an awful childhood. The mother is dragged out of her mansion.

What happens to Tunde’s footage?

In Tunde’s subplot, the journalist reviews his footage from the previous day. He visits Ndudi in the hospital and then releases the footage of Ndudi being attacked online. The video goes viral, being seen and discussed all around the world.

Margot is shown the video. Her advisor Helen ponders if it is a fake. Margot seems to believe it is real, although she has other issues to focus on. Margot needs Governor Daniel Dandon’s support.

Margot pays Daniel a visit to his expensive home. He’s playing poker with highly influential men but puts the time aside for Margot. She says the state is in crisis and needs emergency funding.

Margot shows Daniel the viral video, but he downplays its authenticity. Daniel says there is always chaos; this is nothing new. He is extremely condescending to Margot but agrees to give her the funds she needs.

Back at home, Margot and Rob try to enjoy their anniversary meal together. Rob persuades Margot to let out her pent-up rage. She starts to break things to release her stress.

Elsewhere, Allie wanders the countryside, homeless and forlorn. She tries to make money the best she can but is struggling to survive. Allie helps a man restart his car, using her powers for good, but they backfire, alienating her further.

At her lowest, the voice in her head talks of starting a revolution, and Allie lets rip, finally feeling empowered by her abilities.

The Power Season 1 Episode 2 Ending Explained

In Roxy’s storyline, the teen starts to grow her own abilities. She meets with her father, desperate for vengeance. Bernie tells her to calm down; her mother’s death was an accident, just a burglary that went wrong.

Roxy mentions what the thieves said: they thought the girl wouldn’t be in. It seems highly suspicious. Did Bernie organize this assassination all along? Roxy watches Tunde’s video clip online and unleashes her powers in front of her father.

After all this chaos, the episode ends with the greatest tragedy yet. Margot is called the morning after her anniversary. There has been a major incident. A plane has crashed. Margot heads over to the crash site.

This seems to be the greatest tragedy caused by these new powers yet. There will be serious ramifications because of this crash.

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