The Power Season 1 Episode 1 Recap – why is Roxy kept a secret?

By Adam Lock
Published: March 31, 2023 (Last updated: May 4, 2023)
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The Power gets off to an entertaining and electrifying start, introducing viewers to the many characters in this new sci-fi drama series. It’s an effective opener, searching for realism and uniqueness in a crowded market.

We recap the Prime Video series The Power Season 1 Episode 1, “A Better Future is in Your Hands,” which contains spoilers.

There may be enough superhero stories in the current pop culture landscape, but Prime Video is addiet another origin story into the mix. This one focuses on a group of young women from all around the world who discover they have an overwhelming superpower within them, one that is ready to be unleashed from their fingertips at any given moment.

The premiere introduces viewers to the main cast members as they discover their powers, starting six months before all the chaos that is to follow.

The Power Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

Who is Allie?

Firstly, we are introduced to Allie, a selective mute living with religious foster parents in the Deep South of America. During a church service discussing Eve and original sin, a foreign voice inside Allie’s head speaks to her, motivating her to fight back against her sinister parents, who abuse her.

Allie feels her new power growing within and finally speaks out after six months of silence. Her foster father pins her to the floor as punishment. Allie fights back, unleashing her electrical powers and killing the foster father with these new abilities.

The next new character is Roxy Monke, a loud and abrasive teen from London. We first meet her as she prepares for a wedding, although she dresses like she’s going clubbing. Meanwhile, her father, Bernie Monke, an aggressive crime boss, makes his presence known at the wedding venue.

Ordering the employees to make a new wedding cake only hours before the main event. When they protest, he destroys the cake they’ve made him.

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At the wedding, Roxy makes an undignified entrance, upsetting the guests and swaggering about the venue while swigging on a large bottle of champagne. She’s clearly not wanted here, placed on a table by the toilets and receiving cutting comments from Bernie’s wife, Barbara.

Roxy asks her dad for a job; she wants to work for him. He doesn’t think she’s the right fit, though, stating she is far too emotional. Bernie offers her a role at a spa in the Cotswolds. But Roxy wants to be involved in his crime organization instead.

Why is Roxy kept a secret?

Afterward, Bernie makes a speech welcoming the bride to the family. He says he has three boys, and now he has a daughter as well, disregarding Roxy’s existence. The illegitimate daughter gets drunk after this slight, making out with a woman from the party.

She tells this stranger she is Bernie’s daughter, but it has been kept a secret. Roxy’s mother was pregnant with her simultaneously as Barbara was pregnant. Bernie has chosen to keep the scandal hidden for years.

Angered by this secrecy, Roxy unleashes her powers, setting a bottle of alcohol on fire. The stranger runs away in shock. Roxy heads home, recounting the wedding to her mother. Two criminals then break into the house, attacking Roxy and her mother.

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Roxy fights back, releasing her dormant powers. She stuns one of the attackers but is knocked out by the second. When Roxy wakes, she finds her mother has been killed. Roxy heads back to the wedding, coated in blood, where she collapses in her father’s arms.

Who is Jos?

In the other subplots, we are introduced to Jos, the daughter of the mayor of Seattle. Annoyed by her mother, whs posted an embarrassing clip of Jos online, sho unleashes her electrical powers.

Jos is scared of these new abilities and sets off the security scanner at school. A fellow student called Cat notices her abilities and invites her to hang out later. That night, they channel their powers and cause a city-wide blackout.

The Power Season 1 Episode 1 Ending Explained

Who is Tunde?

The final subplot is set in Nigeria, focusing on a male character this time. Tunde is an up-and-coming video journalist looking for his next big scoop. His best friend Ndudi, another wannabe journalist, is researching a possible cult of witches.

Tunde decides to crash Ndudi’s story and sneaks into the witches’ convent. He films the woman as they use their electrical powers. Tunde is spotted, though, and attacked. Ndudi defends Tunde and is hit. She falls to the floor, causing the women to flee.

In the final moments of the premiere, we return to Allie’s story. The foster child runs, escaping from her prisoners. The voice in her head tells her to look out for signs. She will soon be in a place where she belongs.

Allie finds herself at an aquarium and the electric eel’s tank. The speakers play information about the creatures, mentioning their natural powers.

Allie touches the tank, feeling at one with these creatures. As her powers surged from her fingertips across the tank, the eels gathered around her, transfixed by her powers.

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