The Power Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – who caused the plane crash?

By Adam Lock
Published: March 31, 2023 (Last updated: March 17, 2024)
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The Power tries to make its fantastical premise more believable with scientific reasoning. This severe tone overshadows the more playful, fun aspects of the series. Although “A New Organ” is still intriguing, building towards a powerful ending.

We recap the Prime Video series The Power Season 1 Episode 3, “A New Organ,” which contains spoilers.

The consequences of these new powers are starting to result in death and destruction worldwide.

In Seattle, Mayor Margot (Toni Collette) must pick up the pieces after a tragic plane crash devastates her city. She tries to learn more about this new, dangerous power with her husband, Rob (John Leguizamo).

“A New Organ” focuses mainly on Margot’s family while featuring subplots from Allie (Halle Bush) and Tunde (Toheeb Jimoh).

The Power Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Episode three opens with a recording of the plane crash. Margot wants to investigate this disaster further. She arrives at the crash site to learn what may have caused the incident.

The plane made an emergency landing after an electrical malfunction. Margot and her advisor Helen talk to the survivors to glean further information.

At the hospital, Margot is met by a survivor arguing with the FBI. He cannot see his daughter Makayla, suspected of causing the crash. Margot interrupts the argument, forcing the agents to back off.

She speaks with the dad privately; he believes Makayla panicked during the flight because she is scared of flying but didn’t mean any harm.

Who caused the plane crash?

Margot clambers into a hazmat suit and meets with Makayla in her quarantined cell. Makayla explains what happened, reiterating her father’s story. Panicked, she inadvertently started a fire that caused the crash.

Margot then interviews the surviving flight attendant. She relays the same information but adds that Makayla transferred her powers over to her. Together they brought the plane down.

While Margot is investigating the crash, her daughter is vilified at school. Jos is banned from using the school bus alongside all the other teenage girls. At school, things only escalate further. Staff orders the students to either confess to having the power or to rat out the others.

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The girls with the power are then taken to a holding area. They are made to wear rubber gloves, and their hands are tied together.

Jos’ parents are informed of the situation and head to the school to collect their daughter. Margot orders the staff to send the girls home immediately.

What happens to Allie?

Meanwhile, Allie is taken to the Sisters of Christ convent. Allie tells the nuns that she is called Eve and that she hears a voice in her head, which is God speaking to her. Allie explores the convent and discovers she isn’t the only one with these electrical powers. All the other girls have it too.

The girls are told they cannot use their powers at the convent, or they will be thrown out. Allie asks to leave. As she packs her bags, she steals valuable items. Sister Maria catches her stealing and persuades her to stay instead.

In Tunde’s subplot, the journalist watches as his viral video gathers millions of views. He’s contacted by CNN, who want to buy his footage and offer him a job. Unsure of his future, Tunde visits Ndudi for advice.

Ndudi is furious that he stole her story and plastered her face on the internet. She refuses to help him. On the way home, Tunde decides to capitalize on this growing news story and follow his dreams.

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Back home, Jos shows her parents her new abilities, setting a newspaper on fire. While the parents argue over how to move forward with this crazy news, Jos watches TV.

She wrestles with her brother for the remote control and accidentally electrocutes him in the face. He is rushed to hospital. The eye is unharmed, but he may need plastic surgery to accommodate the scarring.

The Power Season 1 Episode 3 Ending Explained

While in the hospital, Rob manages to talk Jos into getting an MRI scan. Jos causes the machine to malfunction, but they can record the results regardless.

The doctor and Rob look over the findings in shock. They have discovered a new organ in Jos’ body that generates electricity. They debate the origins of this organ, which is found across the collarbone.

Margot calls Daniel about the monumental breakthrough, but he seems to know all about it already. Daniel states that it is all highly classified information, but Washington knows this and has plans.

Margot wants Daniel to address the concerns now, but he doesn’t want to be the bearer of bad news. Margot calls him a coward and decides to take matters into her own hands.

Politicians worldwide call the discovery a hoax or fake news, yet Margot tells the truth. She orchestrates a press conference informing the world of this new organ.

Margot explains that it can be found in girls aged 12 to 19. It appears naturally and can be transferred. This news will change the world, and it immediately does. Politicians talk of locking up women, using tranquilizers, or instigating capital punishment and martial law.

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