Where is Harmonie Krieger from Jewish Matchmaking Now? Explained

May 6, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Where is Harmonie Krieger from Jewish Matchmaking Now? We discuss one of the contestants from the popular Netflix series.

The popularity of dating and reality shows generally can live or die by the contestants that are paraded before us. A good, likable, investable, and sometimes controversial mix of people can lead to the show becoming a talking point or falling down the memory hole.

Jewish Matchmaking comes from the same studios as Indian Matchmaking, which is already in its third season, so this company knows the tried and tested format.

Oddly, the show is not performing as well as its Indian counterpart, despite a similar premise, but they still have a collection of people that you can’t help but become interested in.

One such “character” from Jewish Matchmaking is Harmonie Krieger, and this carefully worded article answers the question, where is Harmonie Krieger now?

Who is Hermonie Krieger from Jewish Matchmaking?

Harmonie Krieger is a marketing and brand consultant that agreed to appear on the show. Harmonie is one of a number of non-Orthodox Jews who asked to be part of the Jewish Matchmaking after being less than successful in finding love using the usual methods and being challenged not to touch her dates for their first five dates.

Harmonie was an only child in a non-traditional Jewish household in New York. She became interested in her heritage but would not approach it with a religious bias, instead referring to herself as a more spiritual being with a “hippie vibe.”

Harmonie launched her podcast, Life With Harmonie, which provides motivational speaking to help women discover their inner sparkle. She would also be the founder of Pop Up Shop Marketing and a brand agency.

During the show, Harmonie would mention that in her forties, people in her community expect her to be married, making the idea of going on the show scary.

You can follow Harmonie on Instagram @harmoniekrieger.

What happened with Hermonie Krieger in Jewish Matchmaking?

Harmonie was first matched with university professor Aron Temkin. Unfortunately, she chose to end their date nights since she felt no romantic spark.

Next up was Delray’s Vice Mayor Adam Frankel, but once again no spark and things fizzled out.

Show host Aleeza would then pair Ben Bakondi with Harmonie. Things went better this time, and there did seem to be some chemistry as well as an air of ease between them.

However, it seems that even the best of pairings can often be misleading. Even though things seemed to go great after the first date, once again, the most promising couples would dissolve into a pool of unsatisfying viewing experiences.

Where is Harmonie Krieger from Jewish Matchmaking Now?

Harmonie, who describes herself as a flexidox, still lives in Los Angeles, California. She considers this a place she now deems home as she’s close to the beaches she loves.

Harmonie is also surrounded by friends and manages to find a lot of professional opportunities in the entertainment industry while still running her podcast.

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1 thought on “Where is Harmonie Krieger from Jewish Matchmaking Now? Explained

  • May 10, 2023 at 5:12 am

    I started watching this somewhat addictive series tonight and somehow found myself binge watching. As a non religious Jew the rules and regs of being an Orthodox member is so far removed from my world that i can hardly dare describe myself as Jewish. No touching until marriage for example and having your mother be involved in every aspect of your dating life when you’re over 17 is for me an alien concept. I lived for many years in Manhattan as a working actor and am now based in Florida. A very different life of course. I don’t like the politics here but i do love the weather!
    Thanks for an interesting evening’s entertainment.

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