Tynesha Brooks – Where is Amirah Watson’s Mother Now? Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: May 12, 2023 (Last updated: March 5, 2024)
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Tynesha Brooks - Where is Amirah Watson’s Mother Now

Tynesha Brooks – Where is Amirah Watson’s Mother Now? We discuss the Netflix true crime series Missing: Dead or Alive, which will contain spoilers.

The 2023 true crime drama on Netflix, Missing: Dead or Alive?, is a four-part mini-series investigating missing people in South Carolina.

The fly-on-the-wall style documentary spends as much time with the investigators as it does with the cases it hopes to solve, giving it an almost drama-like feel. The show covers four different incidents, and the episodes structurally feed into each other, with episodes ending with no resolution, only to be picked up in the opening moments of the next one.

The show has received mixed reviews, but this particular article discusses Tynesha Brooks, Amirah Watson’s mother.

Who is Tynesha Brooks?

Tynesha is the mother of young Amirah Watson, who is one of the missing persons investigated by the police in the Netflix series. Tynesha had married Mansoor Watson, but unfortunately, the marriage would not last, despite having a child.

Custody of the young girl was awarded to her father, as the court felt he could offer her a better life than the estranged mother. Tynesha was allowed to spend time with her daughter, and arrangements were sometimes made so the ten-year-old could stay overnight.

Tynesha lived alone in Richland County, South Carolina.

What did Tynesha Brooks do?

The Netflix series would chronicle the events in 2020 when Amirah and her mother went missing. On January 31st, 2020, the usual arrangements were made so that Amirah could spend time with her mother.

Tynesha would drive to the designated meeting place to pick her 10-year-old daughter up from her father, Mansoor. Amirah was to stay with her mother for two days, but when the date arrived, Manssor could not reach Tynesha, sparking an understandable panic.

When officers were alerted, they would arrive at the mother’s house and find it empty. Tynesha had taken the young girl without notifying the father, and the team would begin the search for her.

Where is Amirah Watson’s mother, Tynesha Brooks Now?

The terrifying and anxiety-inducing event would lead to a month-long search until the information was obtained that mother and daughter had been staying in a house in Atlanta, Georgia, that belonged to a relative of the family.

Officers would delicately make their way to the home, where they would find the pair safe and sound. Tynesha was taken into custody, and Amirah was joyfully reunited with her loving father.

Tynesha was arrested by the officers with charges related to endangering a child and breaking a custody order.

There has been no news of a court date or charges, and some reports indicate that Mansoor did not press charges against his daughter’s mother. Tynesha continues to live in South Carolina.

Are Tynesha Brooks and Amirah Watson still in contact?

We know that Amirah and her father are back together and are very happy. There is no official source that says there is contact between the mother and daughter, but from what we can assume, it would seem that Tynesha and her mother will still have some form of contact, even if it is very closely monitored.

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