The Last Thing He Told Me Season 1 Episode 7 Recap and Ending Explained

May 19, 2023
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“Sanctuary” includes tension and emotion, two major pluses that have been missing from the series on the whole. The thriller ends with a touching final scene, leaving many fans desperate for more.

We recap the Apple TV+ series The Last Thing He Told Me Season 1 Episode 7, “Sanctuary,” which contains spoilers and explains the Ending.

Apple TV+ thriller The Last Thing He Told Me concludes with episode seven, “Sanctuary.” In the finale, Hannah (Jennifer Garner) confronts mob lawyer Nicholas Bell (David Morse), hoping to reach an agreement to keep Bailey (Angourie Rice) safe.

While Hannah pushes to keep Bailey’s life unchanged, Grady (Augusto Aguilera) wants them in Witness Protection.

The Last Thing He Told Me Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

The finale opens with Hannah daydreaming about Owen. He once told her that he wanted to open a vineyard in New Zealand. It seems like the perfect retirement plan, but maybe it’s Owen’s end goal all along.

Back in the present, Hannah confronts Charlie, Nicholas Bell’s son. Hannah wants to meet with Nicholas now. He tries to dissuade her, though; Nicholas won’t help her. Owen destroyed their family; they would never help out his wife. Hannah is persistent, though.

Charlie drives Hannah to Nicholas’ mob-funded mansion by the lake. Hannah is frisked and then meets with Nicholas. He knows her name and orders Charlie to leave. Hannah knows she’s in danger, but there is no going back now.

They talk about Bailey (Nicholas knows her as Kristin). Hannah wants to negotiate a deal for Bailey’s safety. Nicholas refuses to help Owen (he refers to him as Ethan), reminding Hannah of all the issues he has caused in the past. Owen ruined Nicholas’ life and family.

Hannah mentions sacrifices. Owen sacrificed an everyday life to protect Bailey. This angers Nicholas, who talks about his own sacrifices and the many years he spent behind bars.

Meanwhile, at the US Marshal’s office, Grady realizes that Hannah’s gone missing. Charlie phones in, divulging Hannah’s location. Maybe deep down, he doesn’t want Hannah to be harmed.

What is Hannah’s proposal?

Hannah continues to discuss her proposal. If Nicholas can guarantee Bailey’s safety, then he can get to know his granddaughter again. Nicholas reiterates that he cannot protect Owen. The mob will hunt him down until he is killed. Hannah bitterly suggests a deal that doesn’t involve Owen at all.

She wants to keep Bailey safe. That is all anyone in the family seems to want. Charlie returns with one of Nicholas’ guards. Grady has the place surrounded. Hannah’s time is up. Nicholas agrees to the deal. If Bailey is happy to meet with him, he will guarantee her protection. They part ways, Nicholas decides to keep Bailey and Hannah safe.

Grady takes Hannah back to base. The US Marshal is angry that Hannah has put her trust in Nicholas instead of the law. Hannah trusts Nicholas’ word. Grady states that Nicholas lies for a living though he can’t be trusted.

Hannah says that she will do whatever it takes to keep Bailey protected. She believes this is the only plan.

Funnily enough, Owen had the exact same strategy. He had to go on the run because he knew that staying with Bailey would only put her life in more danger. Hannah believes that Owen trusted her with protecting Bailey.

But Grady thinks the mob will use Hannah and Bailey to get to Owen.

What did Owen say to Bailey?

Bailey and Hannah are reunited. Bailey apologizes and informs Hannah that Owen has called her. He used a blocked number and only spoke with her for 20 seconds. Owen apologized and said he wouldn’t be coming home.

Grady tries convincing Bailey to go into Witness Protection to let him help her. Bailey disagrees, siding with Hannah. She says that her father told her to listen to Hannah. Grady urges them into Witness Protection, but Bailey wants to go home.

They take a plane home, paranoid that they are been watched at all times. Bailey asks what Nicholas was like. Hannah describes him as smart but sad. Hannah then daydreams about Owen once more, the couple discussing where they will be in five years’ time.

Hannah and Bailey hold hands as the plane takes off. Bailey now trusts in Hannah and respects her stepmom after all the hardship that they have been through.

The Last Thing He Told Me Season 1 Ending Explained

The series ends with a flash forward to five years later. Hannah has opened another exhibition. She notices a stranger’s wedding ring and realizes that Owen is there. He’s wearing a baseball cap and now has a large, scraggly beard.

Who are the could-have-been boys?

The couple touches hands, but no words are exchanged. Then Owen says, ‘the could-have-been boys still love you,’ before walking off, out of her life once again. This refers back to one of their first dates, where Owen called all of Hannah’s previous lovers the could-have-been boys. Now Owen himself is among those individuals—someone who used to be in a relationship with Hannah but can no longer be with her.

Owen has accepted that he can never be with Hannah again but still loves her. After this touching exchange, Bailey arrives with her new boyfriend.

What did you think of The Last Thing He Told Me Season 1 Episode 7 and the Ending? Comment below.

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  • May 19, 2023 at 7:45 pm

    I was ready for a twist that put Grady in line with Julia and somehow delivering Hannah and Bailey to the corrupt characters of the storyline.

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