FUBAR Season 1 Review – a fun no-nonsense action-comedy

By Ricky Valero
Published: May 25, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Netflix series FUBAR Season 1 Review
FUBAR Season 1 (Image Credit - Netflix)


Arnold Schwarzenegger and Monica Barbaro make for a perfect combo, as FUBAR is a fun action-comedy series you don’t want to miss.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has returned to the action comedy scene with Netflix’s FUBAR. The series was created by the man behind the Prime Video Reacher, Nick Santora, and directed by Phil Abraham, who has worked on Daredevil, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, and Most Dangerous Game.

In addition to Schwarzenegger, the series stars Monica Barbaro, Fabiana Udenio, and Milan Carter.

FUBAR Season 1 Review and Plot Summary

FUBAR follows Luke, a C.I.A. operative heading for retirement after over forty years. However, the agency has one last mission, during which he discovers a family secret and is called back for one last job.

We meet Luke Brunner in the middle of his last job, with his cohort Barry in his ear, helping guide him through the city to complete it. Upon getting the diamonds to the man in charge, Uwe, Luke runs into a trap of him figuring out the diamonds aren’t real, and it turns into a problem, only for a minute when we see him take out all the bad guys.

Finally, his last mission is complete, and he can go back to his life as Luke Brunner for good.

At this retirement party, Barry informs Luke of a new man Boro, a son of a man that Luke killed. Of course, Luke insinuates that he is retired and doesn’t want in. He is the only man that Boro knows and trusts, so they ask him to fly to Guyana and try to get in, get the operative and get out.

When Luke arrives, he meets with Boro and takes him around the compound. When he does one last lap to introduce him to one of his best fighters on-site, Barry realizes it’s his daughter Emma.

FUBAR does the one thing that it should’ve, embraced the wild and insane nature of everything. The show is packed with insane action, stupid one-liners, and a cast having the time of their lives. On top of that, you have Arnold Schwarzenegger at 75 years old kicking ass and taking names.

What more could you want? Arnold knows his limits, and so do the creators who wisely put a team around him that can do all the heavy lifting while he still plays his part.

Speaking of heavy lifting, Monica Barbaro might be our next action star. She showed a little bit in Top Gun: Maverick and did a brilliant job taking charge in Fubar.

Barbaro checks all the boxes, from her charisma to her ability to kick ass in a believable way to her acting. She should be fast-tracked with her own franchise (and maybe lead the charge on Fubar Season 2).

Every action team needs some fun comedy relief, which came from Milan Carter in the role of Barry. Writer Nick Santora didn’t shy away from making things funny, including the well-written banter between Luke and Emma. More importantly, how he wrote Barry enhanced the comedy turning this into the type of action-comedy that is very much enjoyable.

Is FUBAR Season 1 Worth Watching?

FUBAR is a no-nonsense fun action-comedy that is filled with laughs, action, and a solid story. Audiences are going to rave over this series.

If you are looking for a series with an ensemble cast that seems to be having the time of their lives kicking ass, taking names, and ensuring the audience gets a life, FUBAR is for you.

I had an absolute blast binge-watching this one. So enjoy the action, funny one-liners, and join me in hoping we get a season two.

Where was FUBAR on Netflix filmed – a breakdown of filming locations

Antwerp, Belgium

Lots of location filming took place in Europe for this show, and Antwerp was picked due to its style, landscapes, and architecture. It might surprise you to know that there have been a few shows filmed in this stunning city.

Recently you may have watched Rough Diamonds, set in Antwerp’s Hasidic community, and another diamond-based crime drama, Hidden Assets, was also filmed there.

The FUBAR crew would use Arnold’s stunt double to record a lot of the action sequences on the city streets, so we imagine that the real Arnold would do his close-ups in the studio.

You can see Lambermontplaats, an eight-sided square located in the Zuidkwartier district of the city, used for a car chase scene, and in a similar vein, you can spot The Brabo Fountain, in the main square in front of City Hall, in another chase sequence.

Toronto, Canada

There were plenty of studio sets and location work done in Toronto for the show. On the Toronto Filming Twitter account, you can see some great shots of the crew filming the show. The crew and some cast can be seen on Victoria Street.

Toronto is a well-loved location for productions, and some of you might be interested in the new prequel to Stephen King’s IT.

The show is called Welcome To Derry, and it looks like the town of Port Hope has been transformed to provide location work for the anticipated horror show.

What did you think of FUBAR Season 1? Comment below.

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