Who is Dr. Keyes in Never Have I Ever Season 4?

By Ricky Valero
Published: June 10, 2023
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Who is Dr. Keyes in Never Have I Ever Season 4

Who is Dr. Keyes in Never Have I Ever Season 4? We discuss the popular Netflix series and one of the supporting characters.

Never Have I Ever Season 4 followed the Sherman Oak High School kids as they shifted into their Senior Year.

Devi and her friends were all preparing to tackle their final year in school while also preparing for college. Of course, Devi had one college on her mind: Princeton. She was willing to do anything to ensure she would get that acceptance from the college she and her father had discussed when she was a little kid.

Like any other high school kid, the kids battled many things in their Senior Year, including fitting into the new culture, writing the best essay to show off who they are as a person, and, more importantly, ensuring that their grades stayed good while figuring out the next phase of their lives.

The writing of Never Have I Ever has also made the show shine because it never shied away from the difficulty of navigating life as a teenager.

Season 4 was no different, and audiences were awarded a fitting end to the series.

Who is Dr. Keyes in Never Have I Ever Season 4?

Dr. Keyes is a school teacher at Sherman Oaks High School. She’s been teaching at the school for quite some time and is known as a legend for her handwritten college recommendations.

Why is Dr. Keyes important?

Dr. Keyes is known for the recommendations she writes for Sherman Oak High students. If she writes a recommendation for you, you’re chances of getting into the college of your choice are at an all-time high.

As the years have gone by, Dr. Keyes is still very old school in handwriting them, and with her age, she only writes two a year. She was also very old school in how she looked at life. We see her yell at kids who show any PDA in school or sex before marriage.

Of course, Devi is very much aware of Dr. Keyes and her ability to help her get into Princeton with a simple recommendation. So early in season 4, we see her butter up with goods in class.

However, after getting into a major fight with Margot, Ben’s new girlfriend, she brings up having sex with him and describes his genitalia. Dr. Keyes overhears it and passes out, leading to her not getting one of those two recommendations.

Who Plays Dr. Keyes in Never Have I Ever Season 4?

Jenny O’Hara plays Dr. Keyes.

What is Jenny O’Hara known for?

Jenny O’Hara broke into the acting scene on The Wide World of Mystery in 1975, which puts her at almost 50 years in the business. Throughout her career, she has been seen in movies and TV like My Sister Sam, The King of Queens, and Wishmaster.

She is most notably known for her roles in the films Mystic River and Devil. This isn’t her first time working with Never Have I Ever creator Mindy Kaling, as she had a 17-episode run as Dot on The Mindy Project

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