Tex Mex Motors Season 1 Review – a car enthusiast’s dream

By Emma Vine
Published: June 10, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Tex Mex Motors Season 1 Review
Tex Mex Motors Season 1 (Credit - Netflix)


Whether a car enthusiast or lacking in knowledge in the vehicle department, Tex Mex Motors is a fun, informative series that will have viewers in awe of the stunning auto transformations that take place.

We’ve seen car restoration shows many times before, but that doesn’t make them any less entertaining. From Pimp My Ride to Overhaulin’, it’s incredibly satisfying to see vehicles transform before our eyes from eyesores to stunning automobiles. The Netflix series Tex Mex Motors takes viewers across the Texas border into Mexico, where worse-for-wear classic cars are brought back to the USA for an epic makeover.

Tex Mex Motors Surprisingly Informative

Tex Mex Motors follows a group of car experts renting a garage in El Paso, Texas. They chose this location to cross the border into Juarez, Mexico, searching for classic cars to restore. The benefit of finding said vehicles in Mexico boils down to affordability compared to what they would cost in the U.S., where prices can be up to three times more.

The team consists of Jaime, an engine specialist; Jenicio, an area local, who is new to the game, but determined to learn; Mike, who is responsible for the paint jobs; and Wesley, the fabricator.

In addition, Rabbit is a master at sales, and Scooter is very knowledgeable about vehicles. Together, they go out into the field, acting as an auto-finding dream team, searching for the best rides to bring back to the Lone Star State.

Over four months, the clan hopes to make a $250,000 profit so their endeavors aren’t just successful but worth their time. Each episode has one primary focus vehicle, so there’s plenty of variety for viewers and car enthusiasts are bound to see some of their favorites. Some featured are a ’64 Comet, a ’49 Cadillac, and a ’63 Carryall.

The runtime per episode allows enough time for the gang to find the car, bring it back to the garage, and let the audience see the restoration take place without unnecessary filler.

I am neither knowledgeable about vehicles nor an aficionado, but I was glued to the screen as the cars transformed from old rust buckets to beautiful, expensive cars. Undoubtedly, the team is talented, and it’s great to see them embrace their strengths and work together to produce an impressive product.

Some lines feel overly scripted to add some soul to the series but are extremely cheesy. Those moments viewers could have done without, though they’re not so off-putting that you can’t enjoy the series. A blend of Storage Wars and American Pickers will give you an idea of the show’s vibe and what to expect.

Tex Mex Motors is also informative, teaching viewers about classic cars, pricing, and the challenges faced when partaking in car restoration. We see each vehicle built from the ground up while we watch the parts installed, the drawbacks during the process, and the point of sale, once the car is ready for a new home.

I like that the team’s issues are illustrated as part of the series, particularly regarding transportation and car title challenges from Mexico to the USA, instead of everything unrealistically falling into place.

Tex Mex Motors is Great for Car Enthusiasts

Tex Mex Motors is a great car restoration series and worth the time investment. Some cheesy scripted moments might make you cringe a bit, but it’s all in good fun and a way to add some character to the show.

Car enthusiasts will have a field day seeing classic cars restored. In contrast, viewers without knowledge or passion for vehicles will have a fun viewing experience as gorgeous transformations occur while learning a decent amount about automobiles.

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