Mike Coy is the Boss in Tex Mex Motors – Here What We Know

By Louie Fecou
Published: June 11, 2023 (Last updated: March 23, 2024)
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Mike Coy - Tex Mex Motors
Tex Mex Motors (Credit - Netflix)

Tex Mex Motors is out on Netflix, following a team of technicians and engineers trying to restore old cars from Mexico, renovate them into new mean machines, then find buyers and get them across the border to complete the sale. The series has six incredible individuals who have devoted their lives to their love of vehicles, and each one has their own specialty and skill set, and one of those people is Mike Coy.

Mike Coy Leads The Projects

Mike is the 44-year-old shop boss behind the team in the show and is also in charge of the paint jobs used on the abandoned cars that are picked for renovation. Mike has a penchant for using very bright colors for the new paint on the motors and has a keen eye for unusual color choices and very distinct designs.

He feels that these kinds of colors and designs make the car more likely to be desired by car lovers. As well as a love of cars, Mike is also a fan of motorbikes. In April 2023, he attended the Grand Prix Motorcycle event in Austin, Texas.

If you feel you have seen Mike before, there’s a good chance you have as he was a regular on the Discovery show Fast n Loud. Mike also made some headlines with his weight loss. Overweight, Mike went to Don Lemon and followed a program known as Know How to achieve his weight loss.

Diet and training led to the weight loss, and Mike came second in a competition in Visalia, California. Although Mike keeps his personal life private, he has been in a relationship with Italian Costanza Pri. Previously he had two children with his wife Shanna Hobbs, but the couple had sadly split up.


Where is Mike Coy now?

Mike has since settled in El Paso, possibly a result of spending so much time there on the show, and has a lifelong best friend in the form of his dog, Nacho. You can follow Mike on Instagram where you can see some great pictures of Nacho the dog. Nacho is also in the Tex Mex Motors TV show, and despite asking, I was not allowed to write a whole article about him.

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