Some Audiences May Think ‘Tex Mex Motors’ is Fake, But It’s Definitely Real

By Louie Fecou
Published: June 12, 2023 (Last updated: March 23, 2024)
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Is Tex Mex Motors Real or Fake
Tex Mex Motors (Credit - Netflix)

Tex Mex Motors is a reality TV show that follows a group of six skilled technicians and mechanics on a quest to make a $250,000 profit by selling restored cars on the border of Mexico. However, one of the failings of reality shows can be the nagging feeling that perhaps not everything we see is real, leading people to wonder if the show is genuinely based in reality or if situations are scripted and fake to enhance the viewing experience.

Tex Mex Motors Is Certainly Real

After reviewing the series, I believe Tex Mex Motors is real and authentic. The series and the cast members all seem completely genuine, and it is easy to check and see that they are all experts in this field, with many of them running their own car-based businesses.

With restoration shows, the focus is usually primarily on the finished product, and all through the shows, we can tell that first of all, these people know their stuff, and secondly, the work involved is shown as it happens.

It would be harder to fake the restoration of the cars, and enthusiasts would also be able to tell if a ringer was used.

Allegations against other shows, including gems such as Storage Wars, The Apprentice, and Real Housewives, seem to point to the production teams involved and claim a “fix.”

An example of reality being bent for the sake of good TV was in Storage Wars, where it seemed after a while that some of the units were indeed too good to be true, and that was because they were often set up. The showrunners were accused of buying the storage units before filming and loading them up with goods that they thought would be far more interesting for viewers to see. A whistle-blower in the form of a previous participant would kick the controversy off, and viewers would turn their back on the once-popular series.

Why would some audiences believe Tex Mex Motors was scripted?

Jaded audiences might indeed feel that there is a chance that, like many reality shows before, the show is staged, scripted, or set up, but Tex Mex Motors feels real.

There are a few scattered instances where you can see that the pressure on the team takes its toll, and issues such as time and scheduling factor into the show, making it much more based on reality. The drama is never forced, intentional, or over the top, in the way it might appear if the show was scripted, and there is no doubt that this team knows what they are doing with these cars, so we feel safe saying that the show is the real thing.

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