The Perfect Find Review – A simplistic yet sweet addition to the rom-com genre

June 25, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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The Perfect Find - A simplistic yet sweet addition to the rom-com genre


Though a simplistic premise, The Perfect Find is an adorable exploration of love, with electrifying chemistry between Powers and Union.

This review of Netflix’s The Perfect Find does not contain spoilers.

There’s something to be said about watching an endearing love story unfold on the big screen, and though a majority of rom-coms can be cheesy and predictable, they tap into our sensitive sides and are a comfort to watch.

The Perfect Kind, Netflix‘s newest addition to the rom-com genre, brings us a simplistic yet adorable meet-cute bound to pull on your heartstrings.

The Perfect Find Review and Plot Summary

Jenna (Gabrielle Union) has been living with her parents for the last year after losing her job, all while grieving the end of a 10-year relationship. After some encouragement from her mother to get back out in the world and start living her life, Jenna relocates to New York City.

She takes a job in the fashion industry working for Darcy (Gina Torres), and though Darcy is a fan of Jenna’s work, let’s just say the two have certainly had their differences.

Matters are made even worse when Jenna attends a party and makes out with Eric (Keith Powers), only to find out the next morning that Eric is not only her new coworker but also Darcy’s son.

Though The Perfect Kind’s storyline isn’t the most exciting nor original, Union and Powers’ undeniable chemistry makes this cutesy rom-com a delight.

Most of the scenes we see between the duo are light-hearted conversations and ordinary day-to-day interactions, which may feel bland to some, but the moments shared between the two radiate magic and romance.

Director Numa Perrier does a fantastic job of reflecting the intimate bond Jenna and Eric are building with one another through close-up camera work, drawing you in as their connection grows stronger throughout the film.

Eric is as charming as ever, and Powers reflects his warm nature so well. In addition, Union radiates Jenna’s infectious personality and hopeless romantic side.

Another thing I appreciate about The Perfect Kind is how it showcases a forty-year-old woman finding her feet again after heartbreak and losing a job.

Oftentimes the characters explored in rom-coms are women in their twenties and thirties thriving in their careers and lives.

It was a breath of fresh air to see a character at a later stage in life find happiness again, especially as there is societal pressure on women to settle down and have a family before they reach their forties.

The age gap between the two, with Jenna being significantly older than Eric is another unique component and an interesting spin on the tale.

Is The Perfect Find good or bad?

Overall, The Perfect Find is a decent rom-com. Union and Powers have great chemistry, making Jenna and Eric’s romance believable and endearing.

The explorations of an older woman finding her way again after a breakup and job loss are an interesting watch, and the age gap relationship is also a unique added layer to the premise.

Is The Perfect Find worth watching?

If you’re a fan of rom-coms, The Perfect Find is absolutely worth watching.

The storyline isn’t the most compelling, but the chemistry Jenna and Eric share is enough to entice any viewer, and the simplicity of the flick’s love story feels relatable.

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