Hack My Home Season 1 Review – Reinventing the way we live

By Romey Norton
Published: July 7, 2023 (Last updated: July 11, 2023)
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2023 Netflix reality series Hack My Home Season 1 Review


Make room to be inspired. This reality series reinventing living spaces is simple and hassle-free fun.

Here is our review of the 2023 Netflix reality series Hack My Home Season 1, which will be released on July 7th, 2023.

Netflix has dropped its latest home renovation reality series, Hack My Home, which follows different families all experiencing the same problem — they need more space! Hack My Home is filled with inspirational and eye-catching transformations which might make you want to change your entire house. 

Unable to move or break the bank to upgrade and update their homes, these families have sought out this show and its team of experts to help transform their homes and their lives.

Hack My Home Season 1 Review and Plot Summary

There are many reality TV shows which aim to help viewers organize and upgrade their homes without having to remortgage or pay extreme prices for professionals. They hope to inspire whilst entertaining, and that’s why audiences love these shows.

For me, I’m also really nosey and judgemental and like to see how other people live. I like to compare myself, whilst maybe picking up a few tricks and life hacks. I can also be a huge softie, and love a story where people who are struggling get some help and release in their lives. This show has a few episodes that did bring a tear to my eye. 

With families now spending a lot more time at home, people are finding their living rooms and dining rooms being turned into offices, playrooms, and more.  This team makes more liveable spaces, creating functional magic, and it’s really rather impressive.

The experts include Mikel Welch on Design, Ati Williams on Construction, Brooks Atwood on Innovation, and Jessica Banks on engineering. Some of their multi-functional spaces completely transform these homes and lives.

There are some transformable office spaces they create that are incredibly futuristic and fancy, but I would worry about the mechanics breaking and the cost to repair in the future.

The series is colorful, bright, and the team is quirky and entertaining to watch. It’s great to see their creative process as they discuss and piece together their ideas, although sometimes they were all just too agreeable, and I would have liked to see some conflict, even if it’s just for entertainment purposes. Everything runs so smoothly and I needed some drama, some worry it might not work, to give that extra dynamic and pressure.

I think the series could have done with another dimension, maybe a celebrity guest/presenter to help control the conversations. Nevertheless, there are some very moving, emotional episodes where you can really feel the impact this show is having in improving people’s lives.

Is Hack My Home Season 1 good or bad?

It’s good — as a home make-over show goes, this one is a happy, undemanding watch. With a format similar to other reality shows, there’s comfort in knowing they’ll make something extraordinary in the end. Is it ground-breaking or special?

Not really; it’s another home makeover show, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth watching.

Is Hack My Home Season 1 worth watching?

Yes — with eight episodes that have a runtime of roughly 30-40 mins each, it’s a straightforward, hassle-free watch. Saying that, it’s just as easy to turn off if you’re not interested.

What did you think of the Netflix reality series Hack My Home Season 1? Comment below.

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