Who is Ati Williams from Hack My Home? Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: July 10, 2023 (Last updated: July 11, 2023)
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Who is Ati Williams from Hack My Home

Who is Ati Williams from Hack My Home? We discuss the 2023 Netflix reality series Hack My Home and one of the professionals on the show. 

There has been a long line of home renovation shows on television, and it seems we can’t get enough of watching people change rooms, redesign houses, or update their manors.

Perhaps these types of shows appeal to the voyeuristic sides of our personalities, as we like to look at other folks’ homes. There is always that side of us that secretly hopes the renovation will go wrong, and we have that awkward moment when the homeowners decide they hate the new look, but whatever it is, they remain popular.

Hack My Home has a simple premise and features families that require more space and cannot move to a new place.

Modern-day living has left many families with issues within their home, mainly related to available space, with some rooms having to serve as bedrooms, office spaces, and often playrooms for the kids too.

The team assembled for the show has to do their best to utilize what the homeowner has and use their design-based abilities to find ways to make more space in the home. The four team members on the show include Brooks Attwood, Jessica Banks, Mikel Welch, and of course, Ati Williams.

The incredibly talented Ati Williams is one of the construction experts on the show, and this short but spacious article will answer the question, who is Ati Williams from Hack My Home?

Who is Ati Williams from Hack My Home?

Ati Okelo Williams is a licensed property developer and the business owner behind Honeycomb Residential and DC Home Buzz. The businesswoman worked as an Angel Investor and has been involved in many successful projects.

Originally from Kenya, Ati was born and raised in Nairobi, citing her heritage as an inspiration for many of her design work.

This is not the first television show that Ati has hosted, and she appeared on the 2020 HGTV show DC Flippers, another renovation show that saw houses in Washington receiving upgrades under Ati’s watchful eye.

What does Ati Williams do for a living?

Ati Williams is the owner of Honeycomb Construction. Playfully referring to herself as the Renovation Ninja, Ati is a licensed builder, business owner, and property developer and continues to be hugely successful in the world of property flipping.

Ati posts on her Instagram page, and you can follow her @theatiwilliams if you want to look at some of her work.

Where is Ati Williams Now?

Ati and her husband Rob seem to be constantly working, and as well as this latest television project, the couple reside in San Diego and continue to be involved in the house flipping industry.

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