Who is Dre Woodard from Too Hot to Handle Season 5?

By Romey Norton
Published: July 16, 2023 (Last updated: January 20, 2024)
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Who is Dre Woodard from Too Hot to Handle Season 5?

Who is Dre Woodard from Too Hot to Handle Season 5? We discuss a dating competitor from the popular Netflix reality series.

Too Hot to Handle is on an impressive fifth season, with all seasons being able to binge-watch on Netflix right now. This season was filmed in the Caribbean and will have ten episodes. 

The popular reality series sees a group of determined singles visit Paradise to meet, mingle, and maintain celibacy for their chance to win $200,000. It’s an impressive cash prize, but can these horny hotties handle the pressure? If they can’t, it will cost them. Each time someone displays “inappropriate” behaviour money gets taken from the prize pot, and they’re not small amounts either. Third base is going to cost the team $4,000. 

From the previous seasons filled with love triangles and scandals, it’s amazing if the prize pot stays above $10,000. The ages of the contestants range between twenty and thirty. In Season 5 the youngest contestant is twenty-two years of age and the eldest is twenty-eight. 

Who is Dre Woodard from Too Hot to Handle Season 5?

Dre grew up in Atlanta, where he spent his adolescent years not getting the girls. Now he’s had his glow up and grown up, he’s trying to make up for all the years he didn’t date.

However, he’s being described as the self-appointed detective of the season, and from the first four episodes is already more focused on making sure the rules remain unbroken than building his connections. He could be a strong contender for a winner. 

His Instagram is filled with smokin’ selfies and show-off shots of him living his best life. This includes his modeling career and travelling, and he’s not shy about getting into a boxing ring (probably what helps him keep so fit.) If you want to check him out and potentially give him a follow, his Instagram and TikTok handles are below. 

Where is Dre Woodard from?

Dre Woodard is from Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

This bright-eyed, fresh-faced twenty-three-year-old has 12 siblings, so he’ll be used to competing for attention and standing out amongst a crowd. I think this also shows that he’s more than likely got a sensitive, caring, nurturing side.

Netflix describes him as someone who “goes on a date with someone new every day of the week that ends in the letter ‘Y’”. This is letting audiences know that he’s a serious game player. If he’s used to this much attention, how is he going to cope around all these hot girls he can’t touch?

What does Dre Woodard do for work?

It has been reported that recently Dre graduated from Clark Atlanta University, receiving a B.A. in Mass Media Arts, with a concentration on Radio, TV and Film, so we will assume and hope he will be able to continue a career in the arts. From his Instagram bio he calls himself a model and an actor, and now with his new reality-star fame let’s see how his career in showbiz takes off.

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