Where is Lori Fetrick Now? American Gladiator Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: July 19, 2023
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Where is Lori Fetrick Now - American Gladiator

Where is Lori Fetrick now? We discuss the Netflix documentary series Muscles & Mayhem: An Unauthorized Story of American Gladiators.

There’s a nostalgia-laden documentary series that is absolutely must-see TV for not only fans of American Gladiators but fans that love everything about the nineties.

Let’s face it, for whatever the reasons, we are in love with looking back into our memories of media past, and you have to look at the current trend in film and television of bringing back old icons from our childhood, allowing us to point and exclaim, “That’s the person from that thing I remember.”

Perhaps, the future looks so bleak that for the sake of our mental health, it’s safer to return to a more beloved time, or maybe creators are just jumping on a trend and trying to cover up lazy storytelling with member-berries, just now it’s hard to call, but there is no doubt that it’s been happening for while now.

The 2023 Netflix series Muscles & Mayhem: An Unauthorised Story of American Gladiators has no reservations at all about its premise and aims directly at the audience that will remember this crazy show from the nineties.

Capturing the show’s insane rise in popularity, featuring behind-the-scenes looks at the production coupled with talking heads and interviews with the Gladiators themselves, this is a well-packaged series aimed squarely at fans who will remember it the first time around, new fans that have discovered it from re-runs, and just anyone else that likes this kind of content.

The characters on the show, like real-life superheroes, had costumes and code names, adding to the frenzy, and this article will answer all the questions you have about one particular fan favorite, so read on as we explore where is Lori Fetrick now.

Who is Lori Fetrick from American Gladiator?

Lori had always had a love for sports and health, even at an early age. She became increasingly proficient at many sports that she would turn her hand to, including softball, volleyball, and basketball.

As well as this, Lori, who lived in San Bernardino, California, would develop an interest in health and fitness and also take part in weight lifting and bodybuilding.

After graduating high school, Lori would find herself in demand as a model, and the entertainment industry would soon come calling.

Where is Lori Fetrick now?

After leaving a hugely successful run in the TV series, Lori would turn her expertise in the fitness world into a business. Her profile would lead her to become a respected business owner when she launched her own tanning chain called South Beach Tan Company in California.

Lori would leave the world of bodybuilding in 2010 and concentrate on other ventures, including an online fitness program.

Currently, she also hosts her own podcast that trades on her American Gladiator code name, called Chillin’ With Ice.

What is Lori Fetrick known for?

At the height of her popularity on the show, and remember Lori was Ice for five seasons of the well-loved series, as well as appearing in two seasons of International Gladiators, she would create her own fitness video, a trend that was incredibly popular in the nineties

She also wrote a book called Pure Fitness: Body Meets Mind in 1996, but for our money, she will always be known for being the amazing and powerful Gladiator Ice, happy days.

You can watch Muscles and Mayhem: An Unauthorised Story of American Gladiators with a subscription to Netflix.

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