Good Omens Season 2 Episode 4 Recap – who is Furfur?

July 28, 2023
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Amazon Prime Video series Good Omens Season 2 Episode 4 Recap


“The Hitchhiker” is a fun little detour from the series, allowing the opportunity for The League of Gentlemen team to inject some exciting horror and more twisted humor into proceedings.

We recap the Amazon Prime Video series Good Omens Season 2 Episode 4, “The Hitchhiker,” which contains spoilers.

Fans of British cult series The League of Gentlemen and Inside No. 9 are in for a treat with episode four, “The Hitchhiker.”

This installment contains a minisode featuring the show’s creators, Mark Gatiss, Steve Pemberton, and Reece Shearsmith, titled “Nazi Zombie Flesheaters.”

Good Omens Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

The minisode takes up the majority of the installment, but we kick start in the present day. Aziraphale drives back from Edinburgh in Crowley’s Bentley. Along the way, he continually passes a hitchhiker in the mist. The hitchhiker then appears in front of the car.

Who is the Hitchhiker?

Aziraphale is forced to stop. The hitchhiker quickly steps inside; it is none other than Shax, the demon. She tells Aziraphale that she is taking over Crowley’s job, and she wants to know where Gabriel is. Shax assumes that Crowley has Gabriel. Aziraphale denies any knowledge of this Gabriel fella, but eventually, he lets the truth slip.

Next is the minisode, “Nazi Zombie Flesheaters,” written by Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman (Ghost Stories). We revert back to 1941 London. A bomb lands on a church, killing three Nazis, who are subsequently sent to Hell.

Who is Furfur?

The Nazis are registered by the demon Furfur (Reece Shearsmith). They plead their innocence, mentioning the demon Crowley, who they blame for their deaths in the first place. Furfur is intrigued to hear that the demon Crowley is potentially conspiring with an angel.

Furfur grants the three Nazis a temporary license to return to Earth as zombies for 24 hours to gather proof of this collaboration.

If they can prove Crowley and Aziraphale are working together, then they will be granted freedom from damnation.

To help them against these powerful entities, Furfur hands them a miracle blocker, which will stop Crowley or Aziraphale from using their powers for a limited period of time.

To avoid eternal torture, the Nazis agreed to their terms and signed the paperwork.

The zombies rise from the dead and feast on their first victim. Then they stalk Aziraphale and Crowley through war-torn London.

Aziraphale has somehow volunteered to perform on the West End as a magician. With Crowley’s help, he prepares for his performance.

What is Aziraphale’s showstopper?

The duo heads into a magic shop for inspiration. Aziraphale is looking for a showstopper and comes across the bullet catch trick. The shop owner discourages Aziraphale from purchasing the trick, but the angel has made up his mind; he pays over the odds for the items. After they’ve left the store, the Nazis kill and dismember the shop owner.

At the West End, Aziraphale nervously takes to the stage. The Nazis watch from the stalls, where they are joined by Furfur. He has been summoned to gather evidence of Aziraphale and Crowley’s collaboration.

Furfur initiates the miracle blocker, meaning Aziraphale’s first magic trick fails spectacularly.

Aziraphale is heckled and then booed for his terrible performance. He swiftly moves onto the bullet catch trick. The angel picks a volunteer at random, choosing Crowley out of the crowd.

Together they perform the trick, even though they are aware that their powers aren’t working.

The trick is a success, Crowley fires and misses Aziraphale’s head. They celebrate afterward in their dressing room. Furfur confronts them, showing Crowley the evidence that he’s just snapped the two together.

Crowley denies the allegations, saying it is just a coincidence.

Furfur isn’t bothered; he states that this will be their last night on Earth. He grants the Nazis their freedom, although they will remain as zombies for eternity instead.

Aziraphale asks to look at the photograph and secretly swaps the picture with a flyer. This saves them from any retribution.

Good Omens Season 2 Episode 4 Ending Explained

The episode concludes back in the present day. Shax speaks with Beelzebub in Hell. She believes Gabriel is hiding inside Aziraphale’s bookshop. Shax wants to attack the shop with an army of the undead to kidnap Gabriel. This is Shax’s one chance to prove her worth. Beelzebub agrees with Shax’s plan; she now has permission to get Gabriel by any means necessary.

Meanwhile, in London, Aziraphale and Crowley are reunited. Crowley admits that his Cupid plans have failed; now it is Aziraphale’s turn to try and make Maggie and Nina fall in love. Aziraphale is eager to play matchmaker.

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