The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Season 1 Episode 1 Recap – Who dies in the fire?

By Ricky Valero
Published: August 4, 2023 (Last updated: September 5, 2023)
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The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Season 1 Episode 1 Recap - Who dies in the fire?


The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart pilot is one of the most devastating episodes of TV I’ve ever seen. A true cinematic event that lays out a traumatic story.

This recap of the Prime Video series The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Season 1 Episode 1, contains spoilers.

The pilot of Prime Video‘s The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart lays the groundwork for us to meet a young Alice. We begin to see her hardships as a child with an abusive father and a mother trapped in the relationship. Alice makes a move that leads to some devastating circumstances.

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

A young Alice is sitting with her parents, retelling the story of how she was born, followed by us finding that Alice will have a new brother or sister soon. Things aren’t so rosy as we see Alice and her mother with their husband/dad viciously being overly abusive to them both. After Alice had visited the library without telling her father, he beat her repeatedly.

Who dies in the fire?

Alice’s mom and dad visited the doctor to check on the baby. At home, Alice decided to look at some stuff inside this barn when she accidentally spilled a lit lantern, causing the place to burst into flames. As a result of the fire and other circumstances, Alice’s parents Agnes and Clem died in the fire.

A beaten, bruised, and very hurt Alice is in the hospital. We see June, Clem’s mother, arrive at the hospital to talk to the doctors about what transpired. The doctors inform them that Clem had passed away, as did Agnes, and the baby had been airlifted to another hospital with the likelihood of not making it.

Who takes custody of Alice Hart?

Sally, a librarian who initially saw the bruises all over Alice while she was at the library, took a vested interest in caring for her while in the hospital. After June had stated she wanted nothing to do with Alice, Sally planned to step up and take care of Alice. However, one day, June arrived at the hospital wanting custody of Alice, and since she is a blood-related guardian, she did.

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We see June pack Alice’s things and take her to her house. She meets Twig and Candy, but June warns that Alice hasn’t been saying a whole lot lately. June tucks Alice into bed, promising her she will never let anything happen to her, especially like what her son had done to her.

Sally gets a call from someone about how Agnes had changed her Will to state, “If June is unable to care for Alice, that guardianship would be handed over to Sally.” Sally’s husband asks why Agnes would do this, and she is uncertain.

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Episode 1 Ending Explained

June asks Twig if they are able to keep the promise to Alice that they can keep her safe while loading up a shotgun. The episode ends with us seeing June walking around the farm with a gun in her hand while she looks up and sees Alice looking out of the window.

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