How did Mario Biondo Die? Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: August 7, 2023 (Last updated: August 9, 2023)
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How did Mario Biondo Die

How did Mario Biondo Die? We discuss the Netflix true crime documentary The Last Hours of Mario Biondo, which contains spoilers and details that some readers may find disturbing.

Netflix continues to find new darkly intriguing true crime stories to add to its portfolio.

The Last Hours of Mario Biondo is an often frustrating story that has a successful Spanish TV celebrity, her husband, and a tragic event at its center.

As is often the case, this particular event takes place over a long period of time and covers the set of circumstances that lead up to the death of Mario Biondo and the campaign for answers that continued long after his tragic end.

This series promises to bring new details about the case to light, and if you are a fan of this kind of content, you can read a review of the production right here on Ready Steady Cut, but this article that runs in tandem with our review is going to zero in on Mario, and answer the question how did Mario Biondo die?

Reader discretion is advised.

What happened to Mario Biondo?

Mario, originally from Palermo, would work hard to become a professional cameraman and would land a job working on a reality TV show called Survivor. As fate would have it, the show was being hosted by Raquel Sánchez-Silva, a trained journalist who had worked her way into television, eventually specializing in hosting reality TV shows.

The two would meet, Raquel was ten years older than Mario, and quickly they became a couple. After a year, the couple would marry, with a lot of interest from the media, and Raquel would express a desire to have children.

Mario enjoyed the fame that being married to a beautiful celebrity brought, and the two would often appear in magazines together.

However, it was alleged that Mario had a cocaine addiction that affected the relationship, causing arguments between the couple, with Raquel wanting to start a family and saying that Mario’s cocaine habit prevented this from happening.

In May 2013, Raquel would leave Mario to visit an uncle who was preparing for a hospital appointment. Records would show that a few phone calls were made between the couple, but the next day, Raquel and his friends could not reach Mario on his phone, leading to a visit being arranged with their housekeeper to check in and see where Mario was. The housekeeper would arrive to find Mario dead.

How did Mario Biondo die?

Mario was found hanged with a pashmina shawl from a rod in the library of his home. His death was ruled as suicide. At the time, the authorities would claim that there were no suspicious circumstances.

When the police looked at his search history online, he had been looking at articles that covered cocaine use and infertility in men.

What is Mario Biondo’s official cause of death?

The police were able to trace his movements on the night of his death, and the case was closed with a verdict of unintentional suicide. However, this verdict did not sit well with friends and family of Mario, who believed that there may have been more to the story.

Why is there speculation surrounding Mario Biondo’s death?

A private investigator would be hired after the case had been closed by the police, and he would find some discrepancies that would raise suspicion about Mario’s death. There did not seem to be any signs of struggle or distress which was deemed odd for the way that Mario died; it seemed that Mario’s hands were also tied, which was also unusual for a suicide of this nature.

As well as this, Mario’s friends, who had seen him recently, did not find him to be upset in any way. New evidence would also show that in the autopsy, bruising on his body was found that was inconsistent with the way he had died.

It seemed that perhaps there had been a struggle of some kind, and eventually, three years after his death, the case would be reopened. In 2017, the new evidence was looked at, and in 2022, a judge stated that there was sufficient evidence to suggest that Mario may have been murdered.

However, with no evidence that could be used to link the crime to a perpetrator, the case, to this day, remains unsolved.

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